People may wonder why I put up such things. Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder myself, as I actually got nauseated with the following. Yet, as long as there are those who still will look upon such things and say this is the Holy Spirit, daring not even to question for fear they are judging the Holy Spirit, then I will put them up and expose them.

This is a stupid spirit within the church and when people fear speaking against it, they are as stupid as those who practice such things. For they are following a different jesus; one made in the image of blasphemers.

“Anything that does not reflect heaven, don’t even accept it as reality. It’s demonic,” he says.

Total mockery of the truth.

Can you actually tell me that you can see Jesus and his disciples sitting around and doing this?

Sidebar: I am all jacked up on the sweet buttery heavy sauce of heaven!!! Ding dong!!

And he has T shirts you can buy. Cheap and disgraceful!

Nipple Manger shirt

Cow Udders shirt

Jacked Up On Jesus shirt