A clip from the false Brownsville revival in the 90’s.

No doubt there will be those who will say I am attacking a little girl on this one. No. I do not attack a little girl. I merely point out the delusion she was under and if I attack anyone, I confront those adults who did not have enough sense and discernement to test these things not only on the Lord’s account, but for the sake of the little girl.

“God told me to take people off the earth from hell. That they were living from hell off the earth and put them into a state they were living like Jesus on the earth. And god told me that if I didn’t snatch out of hell from the earth that they would go down to hell when they died. So I obeyed god and I pulled them up.”

Her words lead one to believe she was talking about hell below the earth. She has no power to do this. Once in hell, you are there for good. No little girl is able to keep you from going or pull you out.

It is only through what Jesus did on the Cross, that HE is able to snatch any of us from going to hell.

When she went for prayer she didn’t “fall out like the others.” She heard god tell her, “Whitney when you get older you’re going to deliver my people.” Satan will always play on any pride or sense of self worth. Just as God is no respecter of persons, Satan is no respecter either. Makes no difference to him if he lies to kings or a little girl. He hates one as well as the other.

“When I was pulling my arms over my shoulder, when I put them down, I feel the pain that people feel in hell. When I pulled them up, I would feel god running through my arm. I would feel love and joy and peace. And it just felt wonderful because when I put them down, I could just feel the pain that people feel when they go to hell.”

She bends over, covering her little eyes — embarrassed perhaps — that grown adults helped put her throught that.

Some would have us to believe, “But she is a little girl. God would not let her be deceived.” I tell you, but no. If you have adults who are deceived and teaching children lies and delusions, you can bet that a child will pick up on it and be just as deceived. What greater way to help bring on a delusion than through an innocent little girl?