Does the Holy Ghost lie? Of course not, you would tell me. Then why is it ok for His messengers to lie on the Holy Ghost accusing the Holy Ghost of endorsing lies?

Clip taken from Lakeland back in 2008. The preacher explains how a woman had a problem with the way Tod Bentley baptized people. He admits he had no answer for her, so what did he do? He lied.

“I … do what I do when people ask me questions, and I have no idea how to answer; I make stuff up.”

That my brothers and sisters, is out right lying. He goes even further with his abomination. He accuses the Holy Ghost of going along wih him, propping up his lie:

“It’s interesting, when I make stuff up, it’s like the holy ghost does it cool — and it works.”

That is creating God in your image.

Silly woman at 2:40 led astray by liars such as Tod Bentley and this man. The sheeple cry out accepting this nonsense.

Prepare — a greater delusion comes.