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Is Pat Robertson correct with his judgments? IS God judging Haiti for any pact they may have made with the devil? I don’t know the answer to that and neither does PR. If God is judging Haiti, what makes America or any other nation better? NOTHING.

I’m only reminded of what Jesus told those who thought the tower that fell on some people were worst people or something. What did he tell them? He told them no, but unless they repent, something worse would happen to them.

Pat Robertson is “optimistic that something good” will come from this event. I’m sorry, I can not be that optimistic. I think it is easy for anyone who is not having to survive under such conditions to say, “something good will come.” I believe it is the beginning of great sorrows. It’s ok if you want to disagree. But go ask the inhabitants of Haiti what they believe right now.

PR’s STUPID comment about all the buildings been down so therefore it must be a good thing because they can start to rebuild. Just who does he believe will do the rebuilding? The United Nations? What a joke! Any man who appears on the scene will more than likely be an anti-christ!

Pat Robertson, do not take it on yourself to think you speak for the majority of Christians just because you re a high profile figure. Your ignornace brings reproach to the Church.

So Pat Robertson, you had better be careful, be very careful if you believe this nation somehow deserved this horrible catastrophe. Do you dare believe you are somehow exempt from such tragedy in your own life because you live in the United States? America — home of MANY idols and gods. Home of the godless and profane. Home and breeding ground of the harlot and the apostates! But no, you better be careful… we ALL better take heed! The judgements of God do come but there is NONE righteous, no, not one!

God in heaven, have mercy and help the people of Haiti!