Joyce Green was a remarkable Godly woman. No thrills with her. Just simple Godly truth delievered with grace and mercy. I never got to meet Joyce personally. But I did get to talk to her a few times over the phone. When the church was teaching me to rebuke everything that was coming between me and my dream of being a mother, Joyce made it clear that God was trying to get at something in me. She told me, “You have created an image of yourself as a mother and God may never have meant for you to be a mother. It is possible that God is trying to get at something in you that you can’t take to heaven.” Her words delieverd so mercifully, rung like bells of truth. I began to weep and weep and told her, “Yes, yes, I have created an image. And the image is not true. Whatever Your will is, Lord, let me cling to that.” See, I had to die at what I thought was God’s will for me. When I did, THEN only was I able to move on and live in the present.

Since that time many years ago, Joyce has gone to be with the Lord.
Her teachings still remain with me. She was the first woman I could receive anything from after trying to receive from the many on TBN and other “teachers.” I hope she will be a breath of fresh air to you and may her words ring as truth and set you free!

“Some of you are trying to confess yourself out of your crucifiction. You’re trying to make positive confessions, financally you’re in a mess and you’re trying to make positive confessions to get yourself out the crucification God has ordained for you. In case you haven’t noticed it, it’s not working…the positive confession He wants you to make is, ‘Oh Lord, I’m in a mess. I’m not even sure how I got here. But Lord, the only way out of this mess is for You to deliever me after You have taught me what You want me to learn from this experience.”


“His invitaiton for you and me, is ‘Come and die. Come and give up all your dreams and aspirations. Give up all of your idols. give up all the addictions. Come and give up all of the things that have bound you.’… You know what an idol is? An idol is anything or any person that you love more than you love Jesus.”

Part 2:

“One of the things we forsake is fear. Isn’t that good? When you come to Jesus, then He becomes your fear. He becomes your dread, then He becomes your sanctuary…We give up the things that are killing us so we can recieve and partake of His life. which flows through us.”

Part 3: