Chile Quake Eyewitness “I saw the Sky Changing Colors!”

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Is it the work of God or is it the work of deceivers? Think — if we are in the endtimes (and I believe we are) then there will be great signs and wonders that will not be of God. If not of God, then who or what?
And if by man, what does he want to accomplish by such deception?


A couple years back, China had a great earthquake. This is what they say just minutes before the earthquake hit:

The Unfair “Persecution” Of Todd Bentley


I am not worthy to tie the shoes of those in this video who are being beaten for their faith in Jesus! Neither is Tod Bentley who is not fit to be called an evangelist, a revivalist or/and an annointed man of God!

Tod Bentley, a liar and a deceiver.

On persecution: “I’m surprised we haven’t had more.”

First you have to be actually preaching the gospel in order to get any of the REAL persecution. Which the church in America has yet to know because she is too busy following the likes of Tod Bentley and other fakes!

“Pretty exciting. I feel the glory.”

Really? Ask those who have been beaten half to death if they “feel the glory” such as you proclaim, Tod Bentley!

“I feel the annointing.”

The only annointing TB has is from his father, the devil. Compared to those lying in the streets getting their life kicked out of them, TB has NOTHING to offer anyone.

“Wow, that’s pretty exciting. We’re creating some history.”

Such a high regard of himself. He is being used to help bring in anti-christ. The real history makers are those who do not see the gospel as some game — a means to an end.

“We got the best security in the world, don’t worry.”

“Sow your best seed.”

Yes, by all means give it to Tod and Jessa. Help him pay his child support. When you support a wolf you deserve to have it stolen from you!

Bride of Christ, can you still not see the difference between the tares and the wheat — the sheep and the wolves?

Here’s a hint: The sheep are the ones who lay bleeding in the streets for the real Jesus, while the false preacher stands and entertains his sheeple with great and abomnible lies in the name of a false jesus he has created!


IHOP Red Flags


Following article gotten here:

There were many, many experiences that made me do a double take and say “what?” while I was at IHOP but that internal questioning was quickly explained away or rebuked by internship leaders. Once I began to deviate from IHOP’s teachings and study scripture on my own for answers to the internal conflicts I wrestled with, I began questioning the pseudo reality I had been conditioned to embrace. Suddenly I saw the isolated red flag incidences as a seamless pattern of error and the veil of deception fell. I stopped rationalizing and justifying. Enough was enough and I was done and wanted out.

There are much more personal experiences than I can put into one single blog post, but here are a few I still recall pretty strongly.

1. Mandatory fasts which made me very physically ill. They would never admit to having “mandatory” fasts but when you don’t have any food available, close down the kitchen, give your cook the day off and don’t allow interns to hold jobs (so that they have money to go buy food if they aren’t participating in the fast) then that is called mandatory.

2. Being practically held hostage in the prayer room and told that it was required that I be there and I was not allowed to leave even though I did not feel well and wanted to go back to my apartment. I was told I needed to stay in the prayer room to be part of the “corporate anointing” and that I shouldn’t leave. It was one of my “required” prayer room sets as an intern so I spent the remainder of that 2-hour set in one of the side prayer rooms in the back sobbing on the floor because I wanted to leave so badly and our internship leaders were standing by the door. You might ask “why didn’t you just force your way out and leave anyway?” When you are part of cult where free, independent thinking is not condoned when you don’t comply with what is expected of you, very often guilt, manipulation and penalties are instated for those who resist. Interns who didn’t follow “the rules” of the internship were penalized through loss of privileges (such as loss of your day off, having to do extra work/manual labor, etc.)

3. The grip of control and micro-management increasing: greater demands and restrictions on interns (such as increased pressure to fast more to attain a higher pinnacle of spirituality) being told where we had to sit when in the prayer room, taught a model for how to pray, how to dance, sing, etc. Any form of worship outside of this model was not considered to be acceptable. It had to fit IHOP’s style and method to be admissible.

4. Mandatory journaling assignments which we had to do weekly and then we had to turn in our journals to be read by internship leaders

5. Seeing how controlled the prayer room was. Rather than having freedom to express my heart to the Lord, I was put in a box and told how I had to do everything IHOP’s way. I had reading and writing assignments whenever I was in the prayer room.

6. There was no alone time ever to really think, reason, test, question or process anything. We were run ragged from sun up to late into the night which always left me exhausted, depleted and burnt out.

7. Once when I got sick, my mother came to pick me up and internship leaders resisted letting me leave with her (even though she lived in town). My internship ‘com leader’ (short for community leader) objected and still impressed upon me the importance of going to the prayer room even though I was too sick to get off the couch. My mother said “she is my daughter and I’m taking her home and taking care of her. Period.”

8. The more leadership responsibility I was given as an intern, the more I got peeks into the “inside”. I saw the outer fringes of the internal operations of how IHOP functioned. I was on an IHOP dance team and sang as a chorus leader on a few worship teams. To dance, I had to follow a specific model that IHOP required. To sing, I had to attend the briefing/de-briefing meetings before and after each worship set where I saw first-hand how carefully controlled that the seemingly “spontaneous” aspects of worship were carefully calculated and often planned ahead of time.

9. Another intern got deathly ill and it wasn’t until she ended up being hospitalized that internship leaders took seriously the fact she was sick. They accused her of faking an illness to get out of attending IHOP classes and time in the prayer room. This was told to me directly by that intern.

10. If I wanted to go anywhere off IHOP property (even to go see my family who lived in town) I had to notify internship leaders of my whereabouts at all times. I had no autonomy or freedom as an individual. Some leaders who were 19 (but were former interns which gave them elite status) were telling me where to be, what to do and when I was expected to be home. I had to answer to them for everything. I was in my early 20’s and had lived on my own before so the feeling of suffocation and having no personal rights to space, privacy, independent thought, etc. was overwhelming.

There is much more but I think that’s a sufficient start to at least give you an idea of some of what was happening when I was at IHOP. It wasn’t until after I left that I began to see far more than I had been able to see when I was still involved. The casual observer on the periphery won’t necessarily see the reality of all that is happening there because they are seeing the veil that IHOP has built to carefully cloak the truth of a lot of what really happens.

After I left, I realized how worn out and exhausted I was in every way imaginable. I spent days and weeks sleeping and physically healing from the trauma of the experiences I had just come out of and to let my body heal from the fasting and sleep deprivation. It took a long time for me to really start healing emotionally and spiritually and to begin putting pieces together. Recovering from mental and spiritual abuse like that is a hard road and a difficult place to come out from. I did months of research after I left IHOP and the immediate dust had settled. I wanted to see the roots of the giant beanstalk that had sprouted up and choked the life out of everything in me. I started going back as far into the history of IHOP as I could. As interns we were required to listen to 18 hours of audio CDs recapping all of the history of IHOP and the “prophesies” that led to it’s starting. I started researching on the internet about the names of the so called prophets of this movement and what they had come out of. That led me to picking apart a very carefully woven web of key players that all were connected to this massive organization.

I shared with one parent who e-mailed me about her own child at IHOP the importance of praying that the Lord will open their eyes not only to see, but to recognize and identify the red flags of IHOP. The thing is, they are probably already seeing them, but rationalizing and excusing them away as isolated events rather than viewing them as a destructive pattern. I pray that the Father will show those there who are truly seeking him the pattern of red flags…making them so obvious they can no longer ignore them.

My hope is that the young people there who are much like I was will begin to question what they see and compare it with what the scripture actually says…not how Mike Bickle twists and teaches it…and that they have the courage to identify it and reject it. Those who oppose IHOP and speak out typically experience some kind of consequences or backlash. People are a commodity there. They are traded. When wounded ones leave, IHOP leadership doesn’t sweat over it…new and unsuspecting people who are ignorant of their dangerous devices but are hungry for emotionally-driven experiences and spiritual highs will come back in the same door the others left. It’s a revolving door of deception.

The deceptions of IHOP are treacherous and very real. Did God use that place in my life and work together for my good the devastation I experienced? Absolutely. But that is a testimony to the goodness of our God…not a stamp of approval on a place. Remember he spoke through a donkey and a burning bush. That doesn’t mean we should glorify donkeys and start worshiping bushes.

My desire is to see people set free to live lives of healing and wholeness…walking in genuine love and pursuing truth. My prayer is that the things you read here inspire you to that end.

RedeemedHippie:[Thank God this young person was set free from this cult. May many more come out and may the Lord use her to snatch many from this cult.]

Kundalini Awakening Received through Toronto


The Toronto revival of the 90’s is long gone, thank God. But there has been another in the making; Tod Bentley and Circus. We must never let our guards down or think these people have changed their teachings. They have not. The only thing they change are more delusions and more heresies being added. What we see today with Tod Bentley has been birthed out of Toronto. They all are of the same breed — WOLVES and VIPERS.

By L. Thompson

Perhaps some thoughts shared by some one who has actually come away from the “Toronto” movement after being “lock, stock & barrell” into it would help others who are saying to themselves- “These people who are so negative about this have not experienced it first hand.” We live in Southern California and were part of the mainstream Vineyard church here – and also a smaller vineyard church closer to us.

My husband and I were desperate for God and at the end of everything in our lives when we came to the local vineyard. We soon heard about renewal meetings in Anehiem and began attending twice a week. My first impression was that these folks were a bit bizzare- but being as I said quite desperate for God to intervene in our lives we “stuck around.” We were at the “Let the Fire Fall” conference in 1994 when John Wimber had John Arnot come and preach at the conference. I witnessed and was part of all the manifestations that have been described. I must say that it had been so long since I had “felt” anything – emotional or otherwise toward the Lord that- even though the outward looked so weird- my hunger kept me returning.

The vineyard was holding renewal meetings twice a week led by one of their pastors who had been to Toronto personally. We had to drive an hour one way to attend but did so usually for both meetings. The pastor would teach for a short period and we would move chairs away for ministry time. After attending renewal meetings for a few a couple months I began to notice some things that ,the pastor was saying did not make sense to me. He began to tell us that he did not want to “encourage” outward manifestations. The jerking- roaring- etc. Yet when ministry time came the he would call forward the people who were on the outside “manifesting” the strongest. The ones that could hardly walk they were shaking so hard- those were the ones who were called to the front and ministered to in front of us all. This happened while I was there several times.

Well I can tell you first hand what this did to my family- and people that I knew. People began to seek the manifestations-. At first I was one of the ones that would usually fall and just weep- unstoppable tears – I believe the Lord did give me repentance as my life had been so miserable. The tears came and cleansing did happen. But as the pastor kept calling those forward who were jerking and shaking- and wanting “more” I began to seek- unwittingly what I believe now were “other gods”- the gods of experience for example. Not that God can’t give experiences that are wonderful but each has to be measured by His Word. There was very little of this at the renewal meetings. I will tell you I personally had people lay hands and pray for me from the Large ministry team of Anehiem- I was “open” to all of it- in the end my simple joy of feeling His cleansing presence became a hunger for the next big wow- I was shaken- baked- drunk- laughed till I could not move – roared- swooned…labored as in childbirth- etc. For me until the end of this (which I’ll explain later) these experiences were wonderful- I felt new- alive- but I was not being honest with myself at how these things were taking the place of my relationship with God. People were getting saved although not the throngs I kept hearing about in other places- there were healings. I must say at this point that during all the time I attended renewal meetings regularly for over a year- not once did a person challenge any manifestation or spirit according to the scripture. I personally received training to be on the large ministry team at our local vineyard (which used the teaching materials from the Anehiem Vineyard).

I was never advised to “test the spirits” according to scripture. Lets be honest here- when someone is frozen to the ground- the only breath coming is between loud cries – roars- what ever- that seems like it would be a good time to challenge the spirit of this… I never saw it done- or even heard of it done even as I began to minister to others as part of the team. To us some manifestations were obviously demonic and we used “discernment” to detect then pray for deliverance- these manifestations being nausea- vomiting- obvious torment etc. When I was myself was roaring- laughing- shaking or crying- no one ever challenged any of it. I was not in any kind of torment while experiencing these manifestations- it was great- I never saw anyone else appear to experience torment while experiencing these things. So I blundered on ignoring scripture. Then I attended a prophetic conference at Mott Auditorium, the Vineyard of Pasadena- I did notice that things were “cranked up” a bit more than usual but you have to remember I was used to all this and it was normal to me. During the ministry time one of the speakers (from Kansas City) began to “shoot arrows in the spirit” at us. He made the sound of an arrow shooting- whoosh- as he told us to receive what God’s angels had for us- he said “it’s ok to paint a target for where you want the arrow to hit you.” Myself having suffered from serious childhood hurts – began to place my hand on my heart and cry out to God. Suddenly I could hardly stand- but this was not the drunk kind of swoon I had experienced before- this was painful- I ached all over as if I was coming apart inside- I wanted to sit down and catch my breath but at that very moment the speaker called out “Take it” so I forced myself to stand upright. A feeling of anguish came over me that was awful and indescribable. After the prayer time was over I felt as if I could move and walk about but the thought came to me to go over in between the chairs and just lay down for a while. I questioned my own motives for this- as the conference was over and my family was waiting for me to go home. I went in between the chairs and layed down face down on the cold floor there. Soon- I was frozen to the floor-I could not have gotten up if I had wanted to- I could not speak- as people are accustomed to this as I also had been accustomed to this- outwardly it seemed like just another person “slain in the spirit” but inwardly I felt different- there was a great element of fear involved this time- I began to really want to get up but could not. After some time I was able to move and get up to go home. The next 10 days were so incredibly bizzare I have difficulty describing what happened. I will say that there were some very bizzare “impulses” being hurled at my spirit, as to the like I had never experienced. I began to wonder if someone had put speed into my drinking water during the conference as I could not sleep- this was not the night watches of the Lord during the sleeplessness – it was fearful and oppressive. Part of the reason I had embraced this movement was the seeming knowledge of the prophetic- now my gifting seemed to turn on me as I experienced terrifying feelings and apparitions. During this time the Lord brought a leader to us who was not into the Toronto movement but was a very prophetic person. I was desperate as even the leaders we had been involved with abandoned us-the vineyard pastor from the renewal meetings was just’ too busy’ and the local vineyard pastor was upset at us for spending too much time in Anehiem so basically had no time for us either. I mean my husband was begging for help- I am flipping out running all over the desert- and they have no time?

I will say God is faithful- the servant he sent us was a true shepherd- he told me I had a run in with Kundalini spiritism- THIS MAN HAD NOT EVEN HEARD OF THE TORONTO MOVEMENT- yes that is true- there are people – that God is using who do not even know about TORONTO- He told me -quote- “some one has opened up a “third eye “in you for sight into the demonic spirit realm”….unquote- this servant of God prayed the blood of Jesus over me and had some serious prayer and warfare in my behalf. I was delivered from those tormenting spirits by the blood of the Lord Jesus- but my healing and restoration has been a matter of walking with Him. I was so trapped in the instant fix mode from the renewal that I could never has seen the value in the daily walk with the Lord.

What frightens me about the Toronto movement is that these people as I was are sincerely deceived- the spiritual realm- is the realm of warfare. How can we approach this with out the covering of His word- His battle plan- how can we ignore what He has told us in scripture and glorify experience or ANYTHING above His name and what He has given us in Him? Now folks be honest- continually bringing people on stage or onto the alter – wildly manifesting- does distract from thinking about the Lord Jesus- it’s wow look at that- and wow feel this….feel, feel, feel.

I must testify to His protection in spite of being involved in this as there were several situations during those l0 days I could have easily died. (Doing over 90 mph on the freeways weaving in & out of traffic) is just one example. I also testify to the protection of much more than my body-He has redeemed my spirit from what was a plot to kill it also. I believe God did see our hearts and that we were sincere in our search for Him but we definitely fell into the wrong place- perhaps if anyone is reading this who is part of a church that is embracing the Toronto movement- I beg of you to go to the word-and do not ignore what He is saying to you through His word. I John says test the spirits to see if they are of God-you are not insulting God to do this- He says to do it.

It was a breath of fresh air for me to hear there were prophetic people who were not swallowing everything in the Toronto river- I am glad myself and my family were plucked out before drowning there- Trusting and Testing,

L. Thompson

Fake Sign and Wonder: Levitation

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I believe this event happened back in 2007. When I first saw it I was stunned into believing it was true and that the man was placing a curse on the Whitehouse. Silly me! After researching, you can find out how the TRICK is done. He is sitting on a board that is connected to the rod leading to the ground. This is a typical example of a fake sign and wonder. I put this up to remind us all of the fake signs and wonders that will come one day. Continue to test ALL things at ALL times.

Still don’t believe it is fake? Watch the video below.

A Medical Critique of the Dunn and Crowder “Pee Pee Miracle”

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If the blatant lie in itself is not enough from these people, the fact they they draw embarrassment to their victim by saying he is going to pee in his pants, should be enough to make anyone question their antics. And to video him urinating next to a tree?! What kind of jesus do these people serve who would exploit the infirmed?

Sorry about the music used in this video. It is not something I personally would ever use for anything. You may want to turn the volume down. I did.


Why they went to Rebuke Tod Bentley

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