Following photo and info gotten here: at a maitreya site. Supposingly the left hand on the doctor’s shoulder is a supernatural picture of “jesus.” Do you see the long claw-like finger nails? If this photo is legit — meaning an actual supernatural photo of something — then I ask, would you want that “jesus” over you? One not only with long claws but one who also is the embodiment of maitreya — who is a liar and a deceiver? Church, these are the signs and wonders the anti-christ will come with. For this is NOT the real Jesus below! Continue to test all things.

A doctor from Nicaragua came to the United States to study. He prayed to Jesus for help with his final exam — on surgery. A photograph was taken in the operating theatre, and when developed showed the figure of Jesus in the centre, between the doctor on the right and the anaesthetist on the left (not shown here). Jesus’s left hand is placed on doctor’s shoulder for support.
(Benjamin Creme’s Master confirms that the Master Jesus Who helped with the operation, is the figure on the left.)
[ Share International , Jul-Aug ’99]