Thank you to the person that let me know I had posted the wrong video earlier. Please accept my sincere apologies. This here is the correct video of Tod Bentley looking like a modern day Anton Lavey or Uncle Fester from the Adams family: 

In a video that can be seen here for the moment:

we can see Tod Bently once again with two flames behind his bald head, dressed up in black looking like an Anton LaVey Wannabee.

Notice his eyes and then tell me what you see. Listen to him talk and tell me what you hear with his fake preacher accent. Watch for the micro-second smiles that shout, “I’m a fake and you people don’t have a clue.”

Bride of Christ, this is what will help bring in the anti-christ. This apostate, fake, phoney compromising, rebellious, ungodly, fornicating, adultress, tatooed-let’s-look-like-the-world-so-we-can-save-them bunch who believe themselves to be the eletists in the Church.