You don’t have to look far to see those within the church speaking in their unknown tongue using the word “Shaka” as some New Age mantra. For the past few months I have searched trying to find out what the word means. At first, I believed it’s origins were African. It is possible it still is. The word Shaka in the African context means Warrior. Shaka Zulu = great warrior.

But it has another meaning also. It is the Japanese word for Buddah. So is it to safe to say that those who use it as some kind of tongue, are actually calling on Buddah?

Shakyamuni is the name given to the historical Buddha. In Japan, he is known as Shakusan, or more commonly known as Shaka or Shaka Nyorai meaning, “the Buddha.”

One can find everyone from Rodney Howard Brown to John Crowder using the word. Like little parrots, they and their followers use the word as if there is some great annointing on it.

Why would those given an unknown language from God, use the word Shaka? Would God give you the name of an idol to chant? I think not!

So for any who may use the word Shaka believing it has some kind of spirtual incantation — just to let you know — it does. You are calling forth another god. Not the One true God, but an impsoter.

And if you happen to be in a prayer line and some annointed person is praying over you — using the word as if some spiritual thing — you may want to leave. That is unless you like having false gods beckoned by the phoney and deceitful workers of darkness who preach another god.