I am not worthy to tie the shoes of those in this video who are being beaten for their faith in Jesus! Neither is Tod Bentley who is not fit to be called an evangelist, a revivalist or/and an annointed man of God!

Tod Bentley, a liar and a deceiver.

On persecution: “I’m surprised we haven’t had more.”

First you have to be actually preaching the gospel in order to get any of the REAL persecution. Which the church in America has yet to know because she is too busy following the likes of Tod Bentley and other fakes!

“Pretty exciting. I feel the glory.”

Really? Ask those who have been beaten half to death if they “feel the glory” such as you proclaim, Tod Bentley!

“I feel the annointing.”

The only annointing TB has is from his father, the devil. Compared to those lying in the streets getting their life kicked out of them, TB has NOTHING to offer anyone.

“Wow, that’s pretty exciting. We’re creating some history.”

Such a high regard of himself. He is being used to help bring in anti-christ. The real history makers are those who do not see the gospel as some game — a means to an end.

“We got the best security in the world, don’t worry.”

“Sow your best seed.”

Yes, by all means give it to Tod and Jessa. Help him pay his child support. When you support a wolf you deserve to have it stolen from you!

Bride of Christ, can you still not see the difference between the tares and the wheat — the sheep and the wolves?

Here’s a hint: The sheep are the ones who lay bleeding in the streets for the real Jesus, while the false preacher stands and entertains his sheeple with great and abomnible lies in the name of a false jesus he has created!