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I have been following Todd Bentley for about nine years now and what follows is quite brazen even to me. Evangelist Bentley, thanks to his print and internet critics, could be assassinated. Or so says Jesus, if we are to believe “prophet” Bob Jones.

Before you look for Sirhan B. Sirhan in the baptistry of the Morningstar facility where Todd Bentley is lauching his new, and probably unimproved, revival, I have to add that everyone is being quite serious about all this. The stench of this word, in my opinion, reeks. All this is  a bad, bad omen for those who were hoping and praying that Bentley was learning and repenting from his past mistakes.

Bob Jones, who is infamous for his past teaching and actions (please scroll down to the entry under his name here), was a guest at the Morningstar Church services on January 3. Todd Bentley and his new wife Jessa were called up to the stage by Jones, as he said that Jesus had a prophetic word for them. (Todd Bentley liked the word so much, that he posted it on his website a day or so ago. You can watch it if you like, but in case it disappears later, I’ll be quoting it extensively.)

I am grateful to the blogger at Slaughter of the Sheep who was able to transcribe the relevant parts of the word last night before I could get to it myself. Her own post has some great insights as well.

The transcript begins at about 2:30 of the video as put on Bentley’s website and continues until about the ten minute mark. I’ve double checked it, and this is correct.

[UPDATE: The relevant part is now up at YouTube as well.

Bob Jones is speaking unless otherwise noted:

(Supposedly Jesus speaking here.) “I want you to break curses.  I want you to break a curse off of Todd Bentley.  Because well-meaning christians have put a curse on him, and that’s leaving an opening for him to be assassinated.  Also, that curse is on everyone that protects him.  In other words, MorningStar has been bombarded by this same disgruntled-Christian curse, not knowing what they’re doing.  Take the curse off it.  This building’s been…a curse put on it…take that off.”  (This next part is Bob talking for himself.)  “A curse has the ability to make you sick, discouraged, divided.  All these things have got to end now.  So, one of the first things I want to do is if Todd and his wife come up here – by the way, this isn’t an option to me, this is a command.  It’s a lot different than an option.  Uh, the Lord would not have me take this off of Todd and his wife unless there was a major purpose there for them.  One thing about the curse, I’ll just warn you about this, any curse you put on somebody will return to you.  So, if you’re going to err, err on the side of grace.”  (Rick Joyner speaks now.) “He’s speaking of Christians cursing others too with their words.  There’s awesome power in these words.”  (Bob Jones speaking now.)  “Yes, there’s awesome power in his words.  The first one I’m going to break is …(laying hands on Todd and Jessa)… ”I break the curse, the spoken word over my brother and my sister.  (Todd and Jessa begin shaking or manifesting.) And now let this … good, here it’s coming… and now let this curse be broken, and let them begin to get the vision for their future, and the purpose of the future, in Jesus’s name.  Good?  There comes the wind, good, good, good, good, good, good (they’re still shaking) … there, feel the wind?  It’s blowing it away.  Good.  Good.   Now, let the spirit man, the conscience be cleaned…let it be cleaned… so that the relationship with the Holy Spirit again can begin in the right way, in Jesus name, amen.  And, let now a new gift come into Todd, let it be discernment of spirit on a level he’s never known before.  In Jesus name, amen.  (At this point Todd begins repeatedly saying, “shoo, shoo, shoo” and bobbing and shaking his head.)  Now, let this supernatural faith that dwells within, let it come again.  Let that supernatural faith come again, that creative supernatural faith, in Jesus name.  Good.  It’s done.  The sword is out.  I now void this disparity against Todd.  Rick, can you see how his face flashes on him now.  See, that glory is back on him again.  And, uh…good.  Just take that deep breath.  One more.  There he goes.  (Bentley staggers and chuckles.)

(Joyner interjects) “You see on that video, there should be smoke coming out of his [Bentley’s] head. We’re gonna see more of that.”

(Todd and Jessa leave the stage and Bob Jones begins to speak again.)  “A spirit of infirmity is released through curses.  Most of the creative miracles I’ve done was breaking curses.  And I feel several infirmities here that are actually curses.  I feel lung infections, bronchial infections, sinus infections, uh, on these curses, you gotta learn to break them off of yourself, you don’t go along with this stuff.  Stomach, discouragement, disillusion, confusion, rejection, suicidal thoughts, all of that is coming because you’re being bombarded by the enemy.  And, I’m sorry to say but alot of this enemy is, uh, well-meaning Christians that think they’re doing God a favor by what they’re doing.  So, some of you that’s, uh, especially, that’s uh, had a pressure in your upper chest, like a heaviness, and a defeat on you, uh, lay your hands on yourself, because the main purpose of all of this is to get revelation for yourself again.  And, Bonnie has got a word that is really accurate here, but first what I want to do is break the curse off of Rick, for some of these major words that’s been spoken has been against you.  So, I break that off of you, and off of your mind, to where that anointing comes on your mind again, on the back of your head to where that it raises up again and we begin to hear those anointed words coming that’s got power in them, for it’s no longer time for the word, it’s time for power.  So, I break the curse off of this body in Jesus name.  I cast this curse down over each and every one of you.  I break the crown of the enemy he’s put on you… that’s… that pressure.  I release you in Jesus name.  And now let the curse be gone from this place.  Let it be gone, for it’s been holding back the breakthrough of the youth… let it now break through and let the youth now break through.  Uh, uh, it’s been, uh, uh, stopping your vision, your faith vision, the enemy’s been closing your eyes, now let your eyes open and let faith come again in you and let you get a faith for God’s purpose in your life from this time forth, in Jesus name….


Lots to comment on, so I will just get started.

I wonder if this is a genuine word, or part of a PR spin, on behalf of Bentley. Jones comes and gives his impriatur and then, just last night (January 8), Mike Bickle of the other new revival at IHOP in Kansas City comes and gives his blessing. Sounds like Rick Joyner was busy getting Bentley’s ducks in order for him before Bentley’s new revival started.

The credulous will hear Bob Jones and think that Todd Bentley is about to launch a laudable, totally fine revival. After all, isn’t Satan hoping to get permission to kill Bentley? That means that Todd has gotta be on the right track, right? After all, this is “Jesus talking”.

I have some doubts. After all, the Bereans were commended (in Acts) for checking out what Paul taught in the Scriptures. And Jesus in the Bible also says to discern the value of things by their “fruit”. I doubt that Jesus would want Christians to dispense with a Bible-based critique done in an attempted spirit of being fair and responsible. This word from Jones discourages these valid things.

Does criticism really have the power to lead to Christian leaders being assassinated? If this were the case, this would be sadly rife in the body of Christ, wouldn’t it? Not a newsworthy exception.

If words are so magical, why did the apostle Paul criticize heretics by name? What about Christ’s criticism of the religious leaders of his day–those “white washed tombs”. Does this mean that Christ put a curse on the Pharisees, which would have lead to their death? (Jones implies that it is a sin for Christians to be rhetorically mean to Bentley, so does this logically mean that Christ sinned too? This would clearly be ridiculous, so there must be a way for Christians to justly critique.)

Does Satan really want to kill Todd Bentley? In a general way, I would concede that Satan might want Bentley dead–but if we look at things in a theologically orthodox way, the devil might be pleased by some of the things that have happened around Bentley and hope that they happen again. (Christ’s remark that it doesn’t make sense for the devil to work against his own purposes comes to mind.)

Personally, I think that God still wants to be gracious to Todd Bentley and allow him to mend his ways. (This does not imply that he should minister.) This is not impossible–just ask Jim Bakker. It should go without saying that I wish him no harm, but the fact that I need to point this out in the face of Jones’ word implies that something is amiss.

The Jones word is designed to intimidate people from looking at what is happening at Fort Mill now. Even Bentley’s friends admit that not all that happened at Lakeland was great. We need to check the fruit of the Joyner-Bentley restoration process. Did Todd learn from Lakeland? Did the restoration process work? Better not publicly wonder that, or else it’s Lee Harvey Oswald time.

If God forbid, Bentley does get hurt, I wonder if Jones wants to plant the idea that Bentley’s critics have created “a climate of hate” that led to this happening. This sort of thing can and does lead to censorship. Or God forbid, an idea that the sniper was inspired to do his deed by a Bentley critic.

(The skittish might decide that in order to make sure that Bentley remains safe, they in turn should remain silent. And that would be a shame.)

This word is handy for Bentley in another way too. It could be a reason to ban the secular and Christian media from covering Bentley and this new revival. Bentley “needs iron-clad” security and can’t allow anyone who could be even critical near him because we have a prophetic word that there is an assassin out there. Reporters won’t be allowed because criticism leads  to a “curse” leading to you know what. Who knows, a gun could be hidden in that TV camera too.

Bentley has sort of prepared the way for this by complaining in his restoration videos that he spent a lot of time “dealing with the media.” at Lakeland. That really wasn’t the case, of course, but it will be a handy reason to not allow reporters nearby.

If you look at the Bible, you’ll recall that Jesus and Paul weren’t afraid of anyone. They faced real threats, not “prophetic ones”, but they faced their critics squarely.

Carrying on to the word itself…

It’s interesting the Jones says that Morningstar itself is under a curse for sheltering Todd. This is not good, as it discourages the Morningstar officials from looking at what they are doing and seeing whether they are making any mistakes. They might then, courtesy of this word, continue to make these mistakes, and wind up hurting the innocent people who are involved with Morningstar.

Jones goes on to say that he has been commanded by Jesus to break the curse over Todd and Jessa Bentley. “The Lord would not have me take this off of Todd and his wife unless there was a major purpose there for them.”

You are intended to think that the Fort Mill revival is part of the “major purpose”. The Fort Mill revival has been pre-approved by God? How handy.

The word also begs the question of what “major purpose” is. You imply that it is evangelism, as this is what Bentley wants to do for a living. Is it? You could infer by Lakeland crashing that perhaps Bentley should try another line of work. What if Bentley is to open a pizza parlor or do something important behind the scenes? There’s not really room for this sort of speculation in this word.

Bob Jones prays for the Bentleys. “Now let the spirit man, the conscience be cleaned….so that the relationship with the Holy Spirit can begin in the right way…”

This is the sort of language that implies that this is something that has not been done and needs to be done. Uh-oh, Bob Jones is off the page. Hasn’t this been happening already, courtesy of Rick Joyner, in that long and extensive restoration process? Wasn’t the entire idea that Bentkey would not return to ministry until he was ready? Well, I think that Bob Jones has mislaid his copy of the script.

Jones prays that Bentley finds his “vision for the future”. Uh, didn’t Todd get his “calling” over 10 years ago with his various visions, as documented in Bentley’s books, that Bentley would be a world famous evangelist? Bob Jones is tossing Bentley under the bus by not going along with Todd’s arguments that he is to return to what he was doing before. Bentley already is supposed to have a vision and prayers led by “god” need to match up with that, or either Bentley or Jones is winging it.

It’s also not helpful for Jones to imply that if you are sick that it is the fault of other Christians, not you taking care of yourself. That is, obviously, wrong. I can imagine people in Jones’ audience attributing their sickness to a “curse” when actually there are physical reasons that should be addressed. I hope that no one really gets sick from listening to Jones.

His prayer for Rick Joyner is interesting too. “….what I want to do is break the curse off of Rick, for some of these major words that’s been spoken has been against you.  So, I break that off of you, and off of your mind, to where that anointing comes on your mind again, on the back of your head to where that it raises up again and we begin to hear those anointed words coming that’s got power in them, for it’s no longer time for the word, it’s time for power….” It’s “no longer time for the word [of God]…should set off alarms.

So Rick Joyner needs to have the “anointing” on his mind again? Well, what was the state of his mind when he was restoring Todd Bentley? What was the state of his mind, for example, when he took an entire video to criticize the media and also the spritual walk and status of Charisma’s Lee Grady after the latter became dismayed with Bentley being restored to ministry too quickly? Was Joyner not wise or godly then? Jones is praying as if Joyner might not have been…and is working without a net again.

The blogger at Slaughter of the Sheep adds some interesting comments of her own. Did you know that Bob Jones has prophetic sneakers? I’ll let her explain.

I have the feeling that whatever happens with Bentley at Fort Mill will rise and fall faster than events at Lakeland. Secular reporters, and even many Christian ones, will say to themselves, “I’ve done this Bentley story before…” So, it is important for many of us who watch and comment on Bentley to do what we are able to, lest he fly under the radar this time. There’s room for everyone.

I think that we’ll need to run a zone defense, if that applies to blogging.