I am not going to transcribe all of this mess. I am going to say, when they (false teachers and deceivers) say ‘peace and safety’ sudden destruction comes.

This is about blatant greed and lust for money. God is crying out to His children, Come out of her My people!

Benny Hinn: “Don’t be foolish and shove me off right now. I’m the best thing you’ve got right now.”

The pride and arrogance! I dare say YOU ARE NOT the best thing any of us can ever have!

“You do what I’m telling you. If you don’t, your future is black.”


“Don’t sow seed when the annointing is absent.”

Got a seed you would like to sow in someone else’s minstry? Maybe some shelter for the poor or some little obscure man of God? According to Benny Hinn you must only sow it in the likes of his. After all, he tells us over and over he has the annointing. I would suggest sow your seed where no one will see or know but God. Consider where your seed goes when you give to the likes of TBN. It goes to millionaires, if not billionaries who have become RICH off the sheeple of God.

Hinn says God told him, “Prepare my people. Wealth transfer is on the way.” God said no such thing! This is a god of mammon speaking!

“He who refuses instruction will have poverty is what the Bible says.”

He pimps the Word for their own selfish gain! People of God, do not fear these men. Do not be afraid of their manipulations and deceits.

Maybe it is my imagination, but it appears Benny Hinn is becoming more and more of a manipulator.