Some of you may be wondering why I do this — as there is nothing edifying about some of the things I put up. So what gives? It is this simple: Even though I get no joy by posting certain things, (makes me want to vomit) I can not but help believe there are those out there who are still part of the apostate movement in one way or the other. Maybe it will help, if you know that all of these people (Tod Bentley, Heidi Baker, Rodney Brown, John Crowder, Patricia King, Josh Mills, Rick Joyner, etc.) are intertwined together. They endorse one another when they stay silent about the mockery and blasphmey the other(s) commits. If you can still make excuses for a heretic like them, if you can still make excuses for the rest of the body that never questions their behavior and somehow still come out on the side of these deceivers — I WARN YOU. You are walking in a sensual and ungodly manner. One of mockery and blashphemeing the HOLY Ghost.

STOP judging those of us who see it and who are calling it for what it is: creating a jesus in their ungodly image! WAKE UP and run from the wrath to come that will come upon these mockers!

“I just release this heavy drunken glory…nipple that is squirting, sqeezing all over your faces.”

“Drunken glory. Shabby eye nipple heaven. I release it …in a toxicated milk upon ya. In the name of…” (Laughter –BLATENT MOCKERY HERE)

“In the shoobie doobie juice.”

Starting at 3:35 “It’s a release of the drunken glory joy from the intimacy of having spiritual sex with Jesus. A little (Here he makes obscene gestures with his hands simulating sexual intercourse) boinkee boinkee. Hokey pokey, boinkee boinkee with jesus.”

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. God will NOT be mocked!