Uh, what other color should a “prosperity” angel be, but green??? Not only did a green angel come to her, but she also has a green feather to prove it!

I challenge you PK to take it to get tested. Any craft store will sell you a green feather!

You know, I am getting tired of when someone says, “The Holy Spirit told me” or “God told me,”  that I am somehow obligated to believe them or else I am the one grieving the Holy Spirit. That kind of thing used to bother me. But not anymore. It is becoming more and more easy to see who the real liars are in Christianity. Why should any of us fear them? If you have been one that has had a fear of questioning things, I challenge you to start. I tell you the truth: God is on your side!

To see PKs video you will have to go here:


Be forewarned: This woman is VERY good at using some truth to push lies.