Let us not forget the delusions and deceptions of the past, lest we be those who follow them.

I would ask you first to pay close attention to the music at the beginning, without watching the video. Ask yourselves if this music is not meant to manipulate the hearers into a frenzy. Sit under this long enough and you will be influenced to do anything and believe anything.

At about 28 seconds sound of hell: “I want a habitaaaaaation!” If this is not God screaming through TB, then who or what is it? It is some thing demanding a place to reside. Reminds me of the demons who were cast out by Jesus and they begged to be cast into swine.

Then we have the angel scene where TB is commanding angels to come down. Again, if God is not the one behind this, then who is and what is being called down?

At 1:49 a very sad picture of tired wife and children waiting upon TB to get his butt up and take them home! IF he wanted to pray, he is commanded to go inot his prayer closet.

Wife Shonna at 1:55 stumbling around. Did she know about the affair at that moment? Poor woman. Not that she is completely innocent, but perhaps she is. God knows.

At 2:17 Jessa tells that she was deceived part of the time. Which part would that be? And if she knew she was deceived, at what point is she willing to admit she was no longer deceived?

They are trying to make things “right” and because of that there are “consequences.” Really? What are the consequences when you have been able to get by with stealing the husband of another man, be endorsed by one of the leading ministries and go back to business as usual?

To compare themselves to David and Bathsheba is laughable. Tod Bentley is no where near the character and leader of King David.

Poor little things talk about how they are going to have to suffer the consequences of their actions. It cost him his “family,” his “minstry,” his “reputation.” Now he is making himself some kind of martyre. Disgusting!

Am I harsh? You bet I am. Am I judging? You better believe it. And some of you better start looking at some things too or you will be led further into the delusion these people are leading the church into!