The Word of God makes it clear: An evil and adulteress generation seeks signs and wonders.

You go looking for things outside the will of God, do not be surprised if a demon comes to you in one way or another.

CJ begins telling a story (name drops Peter Wagner) on how she thought she could handle the glory of God. “Me and Jesus have the wildest time in prayer.” Are you impressed? I’m not.

“I have amazing visitations with god. I’m praying and I’m just reading the bible cause I want god to do everything in there. I’m just loving this…so I read about the seraphim…and I say, ohhh, I really want to see a seraphim. That would be so great. All of a sudden this fire starts burning in my room and I think I’m gonna burn, be crispy critters…I pulled the cover over my head and said, oh no, I’m not ready! Boom, there it was gone.”

In the very next breath she begins to minister.

“…Some of you are sick because you have a witchcraft curse… but I’m gonna pray for you and I’m gonna break those curses.”

The louder she screams the louder the music gets. Or is it the louder the music gets, the louder she screams? THIS is the witchcraft — allowing this woman or any other to manipulate and control. WHO in their RIGHT mind could even sit amidst this tripe? The music in itself is enough to make any sane person want to get up and leave the room! Let alone a screaming banshee in the back ground.