Hollywood has been pushing their gospel for decades. The following four videos show the agenda of those who hate God. Aliens (whether they exist or not) are demons out to lie and deceive all of mankind.

If you take the time to watch these clips, I would ask you to pay attention in regard for your children. For this is what wants to influence your child. Parents, hang on to them and begin NOW being the influence in their life. If not, Hollywood and other devils will be glad to do it.


Part 1:

Part 2:

Three astronauts stand bewitched in front of a alien. The alien takes a part of itself (looks like DNA) and casts it to the earth. This is teaching evolution. One where the aliens gave life to planet earth. The scene at 4:08 — man’s hand in alien’s hand — has replaced Leonardo Divincis’ classic painting of man with his hand in God’s. The astonauts hold hands — representing becoming one under this alien who is the head.

“Earth before the continents seperated.”

What else could this mean but before God scattered all the nations?

“They seeded earth.” That is a LIE.

In the beginning God created….

Part 3:

Part 4:

A child tells daddy “I love you,” and then walks away to the light and joins the aliens. An alien (who happens to be the brightest) takes his hand. The child goes willingly. Father and child gesture to one another come with me? But neither go with the other. The boy asends to the sky with the aliens. The father is left morbidly alone and begins to cry. I would cry too if I had no more influence on my child than that!

Another child who appears to be a girl is carrying either a dog or a lamb. I can’t tell which it is.

Next scene is a world of chaos. Pay attention because this is certainly coming.

The daddy is with his father and he is told, “This is not the end.” Next very graphic and realistic fire or explosions engulfing the earth. All is consumed. All is destroyed.

Next scene two children in a paradise of some sort put two bunnies on the ground. What do the bunnies represent? I think of the scripture the meek shall inherit the earth. Bunnies are meek creatures. But somehow I don’t think this is the meaning behind it. Rabbits are a symbol for fertility. So it could mean the earth would be replenished.