Below article (The glorious enterprise) taken from Share International. February 2010

I have inserted the word “Satan” to make it clear who and what this man represents.

When humanity sees Maitreya (Satan), whether they recognize Him (Satan) or not, they will feel obliged to support Him (Satan) or to reject Him (Satan) and all He (Satan) stands for: sharing, justice and peace. Thus will men be divided and known. Thus will the Sword of Cleavage perform its destined task, and thus will Maitreya (Satan) know the readiness of men for change. Appearing before men as one of them, the Great Lord (Satan) ensures that men follow and support Him (Satan) for the truth and sanity of His ideas rather than for His status.

RedeemedHippie:[There is no truth in this man. He is a deceiver and will lead many to hell.]

Nevertheless, it matters not whether they recognize Him (Satan) as Maitreya, as the Christ, or simply as a man Whose wisdom coincides with their own aspiration for justice and peace, for a better world for all men.

Gradually, we must assume, many will begin to see Maitreya (Satan) as the One awaited by all religious groups under their various names, and will call Him (Satan) thus. Some will say: “He must be the Mahdi,” while others will declaim: “Krishna has come again, the law is fulfilled!” Others will ask: “Surely he is the Messiah, come at last,” while still others will see Him (Satan) as the Christ or Maitreya Buddha. All will see Him (Satan) as their Expected One, fulfilling their hopes and come to fulfill their needs.

Maitreya (Satan) will neither affirm nor deny these claims nor should those among His workers who believe they have recognized Him (Satan). Not until the Day of Declaration will Maitreya (Satan) acknowledge His true identity and status.

RedeemedHippie:[Even then he will not tell his true identity or what it represents. But know this: he is NOT the Messiah or any other awaited religious leader. He is a devil in the flesh.]

On that glorious day men will know, beyond all gainsaying, that their long wait has not been in vain, that help, indeed, is at hand, that the Teacher (Satan) is ready to aid and guide. That He (Satan) comes as an Elder Brother rather than a Saviour, ready to take the lead to save our planet, and to enable men themselves to restore sanity to their lives and ways of living.


Maitreya (Satan) will show that our problems are many but solvable. That the solution to all is already in our hands. That the simple act of sharing, alone, has the power to transform life on Earth for the better. He (Satan) will ask for man’s trust, as an Elder Brother, that He will not lead them into other than their destined path of harmony and love, that they have nothing to fear but their fear, and that the way ahead already has the blueprint of the Divine.

Thus will Maitreya (Satan) ease the way for men to embark on a transformation huge in scope, involving all men and women everywhere, a transformation which will launch humanity into a glorious enterprise, the restoration of Planet Earth to its rightful place among its sister planets of our system.