Are you awake yet? Well, it may be too late. While christians, pastors and preachers have been too busy seeking that next sign and wonder, too busy tickeling the ears of their listeners, too busy building their ministries, too cowardly (lest they lose their tax exemption) to speak the truth from the pulpit concerning the communists in the Whitehouse, America has been taken over by an enemy. The many voters who put this man in the Whitehouse are to blame also. I do not care the color of your skin, I do not care what church you go to. YOU are responsible for this if you voted for this man. It is time you swallow any pride and admit you were wrong. If you choose not to, you will be led further into the delusion that government will take care of you. You think you are so right in trusting them? WRONG. It seeks to enslave you. Disagree with me? Don’t bother commenting. I got no use for you — whether you are a “christian” of not. You see, if you can not discern good from evil, you will be very dangerous in the future. If you are willing to sell your very soul to this anti-christ for a little healthcare or whatever, you would not think twice to sell your neighbor out in order to get your freebies. Better wake up. Jesus is coming back and He WILL come with a vengence on those who are setting themselves up as little gods in our midst.