Video dated April 9, 2010

Interesting that Benjamin Cream puts this Maitreya’s age at 33 years old: the same amount of years Jesus lived on this earth.

Partial Transcript:

Though the linked televison networks, Maitreya will present himself as the World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius. A teacher for everyone — religious and non-religious alike.

“We have to want for the world what he wants for the world. He wants for the world, peace.”

Maitreya’s priorities: Food, Shelter, Healthcare, Education

Creme says, “these things are absolute divine rights to humanity.”

RedeemedHippie:[ Really? At what price? Government stealing to give to those who have not earned a thing? Government deciding who lives where? government deciding if and how doctors get paid? Government deciding what we eat or not? If you are an anti-christ, of course this would be the way you would do things. At this cost, man has lost his freedom and has become enslaved to this government figure, depending upon this god for every need.]

Creme: “On the day of Declaration, we will see by now, a familiar figure. Maitreya will come into telepathic … with the whole of humanity and each of us will hear his words. Inwardly, silently in our own language. This is an experience that will transform humanity. People will tell it to their children and to their children and their children. Down to the ages. It will be the most extraordinary experience to humanity.”

RedeemedHippie:[IF this is true, then we have an anti-christ coming at us, not a righteous entity at all.]

“When you see me you will know that my voice is yours, for I speak for all men and women everywhere. I speak the thoughts which blossom in hearts and minds of pure love. I speak of the needs of all, for sharing and justice.”     — Maitreya —


“Take heed that no one deceives you.” — JESUS —