Don’t even tell me this is a “good idea.” I’ve dealt personally with Altzimer’s patients. You WATCH them like a child, if they wander. You do not chip them like an animal. In which case, I would not even chip my dogs!

This is disgusting: take the weakest and most vulnerable of society — our elderly — and use them as lab rats in order to condition the rest of us to accept this mark of the beast that government WILL implement sooner or later! No doubt through free health care within the next few years!

Verichip, the company that makes them is now working to get EVERY hospital equipped with the scanners. What do you think that is about America? Your free health care, that is what! Big government will want US ALL tied in to their system within the next few years.

Man is wicked! Wicked indeed!

And FOX news network? Just another media whore who sells out the truth for a profit and for their own evil agendas!