What I find amazing about the following video is how fast Israel got to Haiti. It was their compassion that compelled them to go. I’m just curious, I wonder how many Arab countries went to help. Did the Palestinans have anything to offer? Look how long it took America to respond. Valid questions to ask when all the world will turn against Israel at some point. Americans, remember, Israel has always been our friend.

maozisrael: (sidebar) As the nation of Haiti continues to recover from the devastating earthquake earlier this year, the world continues to marvel at who was first to come to Haiti’s rescue. America? The E.U.? The Arab League? No, it was the tiny Jewish nation of Israel, from half a world away, that was first to set up a field hospital to treat the wounded just hours after the earth shook. In this video hear directly from the journalists who were there. In their own words they describe the crucial role played by Israel in bringing aid to a country in peril.