I just unsubscribed from a youtube channel. Seems like the owner of that channel thinks it is ok to misinterpret the truth. Sure, he had some interesting facts and info one could look into. I’m all for that as I continue to try my best to search out the truth in all things. But to down right lie about something in order to try and get a message across, is wrong. Period. I don’t care if the person is a Republican/Conservative. People like this can not be trusted. One has to ask why they would do such a thing. Furthermore, one would have to ask why others are so willing to just swallow his news report which had nothing to do with the caption he gave it: “Obama says “turn off the cameras” abuse rampant. National, state and local police on the prowl.”

Anyone who comes to this site knows I am far from an Obama supporter. I believe him to be a communist, liar in chief, thug and an anti-christ. Yet, when one makes stupid remarks that have nothing to do with an OLD out dated video as if it pertained to Obama, I have to ask whose side is this youtuber really on? Is his main goal just to rile people in spite of real truth? Is his goal one of puposely bringing discord? Or is he just someone who thinks the ends justifies the means? Another communist tactic, I may add.

Trying to be diplomatic, I asked him: “I aint no obama fan by no means, but let the truth be true! This has nothing to do with Obama. So what is the deal here? What does the video maker mean by “obama says turn off the cameras.” This is false reporting. The truth is bad enough without anyone making more of something than it is.”

He replied: “Obama is the antichrist… his intentions are worse than what I have said. sorry. Obama is hitler incarnate.”

I tried once again: “Like I said, I am NOT a fan of Obama. He may be an anti-christ but still this video has nothing to do with him. You are misrepresenting the truth when you have to resort to this kind of sensationalism. Please tell me what this video has to do with Obama.”

So he says Obama is Hitler incarnate. So what? Lots of people think that. He still did not answer my question. The issue here is, he used an outdated video, tried to pass it off as something obama had something to do with. I do not like that kind of thing. It is dishonest and just as disgusting as the liars on the left. And I don’t care if this guy is the biggest “patriot” of all.

I have yet to get an answer from him. So my point is, the deceptions are going to come at us in all kinds of ways and all kinds of fronts. We are to test all things and to take nothing at face value. NEVER.  

You do the truth no favor by purposely lying!