Very rarely do I transcribe something so complete. But this is something, every American needs to either hear or see. What you do with it, is your buisness. But you can not say you were never warned or made aware of where this nation is going. If you can not connect the dots here, then it is because you either want to remain blind and ignorant or just do not care. Or perhaps, you are nothing more than a communist. Either way, if this nation goes down, you go down with it also.  Unless you are willing to make yourself a slave to this Obama regime that is a coming at us full force. In that case, you will still be a slave on top of being a traitor along with the rest of all those who hate freedom. God help your miserable soul. And may He grant strength, integrity and true power to those who stand against the likes of such wickedness. May God bless those who will not bow the knee to this godless move upon this nation.

Part 1: Courtesy of BrooklynBRoberts

“The first thing he (Hitler) did was give us free radios. Then he nationalized our radio stations, so the only news we could get was what the government watned us to know. Also, the print media was being censored before it hit the street. Next thing what he did, he looted the Jewish banks. He took their money and then he nationalized our banking system. The next thing, he nationalized education. And this literally happened over night.”

Next came the freedom to worship God. In place of the crucifix was Hitler’s picture where the crucifix used to be in public school. “Our teacher announced, today we don’t pray anymore. We sing… the national anthem. On sunday, she said you could not go to church anymore, because it was national youth day.”

If parents did not send the children, they were fined. “First time they would get a letter of warning. The second time they would be fined a very heavy fine. and the third time they would be jailed.”

“So we attended…the first two hours were political education. Today, I call it political indoctrination. They were telling us we should not listen to our parents anymore. They were old fashioned and they were taking away our freedom, because actually we had rights, that we should not listen to our parents anymore. They were old fashioned fogies. And we could be free to do whatever we wanted to. Our parents could not interfere and we just loved that. The rest of the day, we had sports. We got everything free…and at the age of 16, the boys got motorcycles…so at the end of the day, we would go home and gleefully say what a wonderful time we had. That much better than going to church on sunday…my mother was not happy about that.”

So, her mother told her she was going to take her out of that horrible school and put her in a private school. She hated her mother for doing it but her mother told her somed day when she grew up she would understand what she was doing for her.

Part 2:

“Today, I thanked her a thousand times over that she saved me from that godless humanism which was taught in public school. We had many other things happening in our government. We had equal rights for women. Oh, it sounded so good, but then they started drafting our young girls…when they started coming back wounded and killed, we realized the equal rights amendment, the frosting on the cake and the cake was so rotten underneath.”

“Also, Hitler nationalized our good healthcare. We had excelent healthcare before private insurance. Very good hospitals, very good doctors.”

After nationalized healthcare: it was like practicing medicene on a conveyer belt. Doctors pay went down to almost nothing. Her husband (a doctor at the time) who saw that he would have to practice socialized medicene, immigrated to the United States.

“He marveled what a good healthcare system we (America) have. Needless to say, this is all going to change…We had hundreds an hundreds of beaurcrats and they were our czars. They wrote rules and regulations in everything. Like the farm policy. They would go out to the farm and count the livestock…food was rationed. They murdered a farmer if he kept a pig for himself…they counted the chickens and literally ordered the chickens how many eggs to lay. We also had a federal police force. Known as the gestapo and they were everywhere. and it worked like this: if all the food was rationed, and we got one pound of sugar a month and if someone in your home — like grandma– passed away, you quickly used that rationed coupon to buy that pound of sugar. The next day, the gestapo would knock on your day and say, ‘We know that you did not turn in your food coupon by law and you bought that pound of sugar. We re not going to arrest you, but you have to inform on your boss, on your neighbor, on all your friends and you report to us once a week. And if you don’t do that, then we will arrest you.’ So we had a network of informnants everywhere. You couldn’t trust your neighbor. We couldn’t trust the mailman, we couldn’t trust our friends. We couldn’t trust anybody, because they could be informnants.”

Part 3:

Abortions were forced because Hitler wanted only a race of blue eyed babies with blonde hair.

Health department vans came to take away all the mentally challenged people who were murdered. 20,000 handicapped children were murdered. “They were useless people because they cost too much money.”

“Dictatorship did not happen over night. It took five years. Little by little…because if it would happen over night, we would have fought a bloody revolution as long as we had guns. Then came gun registration. We were told… the only way they could track a criminal was to have the serial number of a gun…we registerd our guns…we turned in our guns…we were told we wouldn’t have any crime. So, we were disarmed. So I say in my speeches, keep your guns and buy more guns. As long as a nation has guns, you will not be attacked.”

“Those of us who passed the statue of Liberty, we came to a country of unbelievable freedom, unbelievable opportunity. When the people fear the government that is tyranny. But when the government fears the people, that’s liberty. America is the greatest country in the world. If we can keep it.