Video date April 12, 2010 (so the glory event has probably happened.)

Looking like some cheap knock off of Anton Levey, Tod Bentley once again is spreading his lies. This time is about his encounter with the “angel of finance.” Bob Jones, Rick Joyner — all the great ones have encouraged him with this latest lie.

“Bob Jones said he too had an encounter with an angel called the international banker.” Of course, Bob Jones did. This man, I believe is so demonically possessed at this point he can’t know a devil from an angel. Remember, he had a three foot angel (demon) named “Charlie” appear before him. I do not mean to be unkind but someone needs to take him to go get his head examined. It IS possible he has a brain tumor at this stage in his life or something.

TB, Jones and Joyner all having visions or whatever during the same time, was God’s way of telling them, He was going to release finances. “God wants to release that angelic realm that controls finances. Not just for buisness, not just for the kingdom, but the nations.”

After reading from Isaiaih 45, TB exploits God’s word by saying : “It’s time for God to give us the treasures of darkness. That’s always been the promise.”

I’m afraid this treasure of darkness TB speaks of, is exactly that — a treasure of darkness such as the man he is.

Then blah, blah, blah all his worn-out talk once again about glory. Glory equaling wealth, riches, etc. I suppose if you are able to deceive as many as you can to give to your ministry, yep, you will see that ol’ glory, Tod.

They want people to come to the glory conference that represents their debts. Really? How about taking you bills and letting TB pay for them? That’s an idea.

“Supernatural transfer of wealth.”

There is gonna be a transfer of wealth alright. But not the kind TB and his minions talk of. It is an enemy within the United States. It is called communism and TB and his people want to make sure they get your piece of the pie before government gets it.

TB manipulates by trying to speak to women to fund his ministry.

Just as God truly has His remnant all ove the Untied States, you can bet Satan is setting up his children alsos. Tob Bentley is one of many.

Please forgive me, my friends. I just can not transcribe all the lies and embellishments of this man. But know this: TB is still at large and still fleecing any sheep that either do not take time to test things or are looking to God as a genie. Or trusting man to hear from God for them.

When the doo-doo hits the fan in this nation, these fakes will not have a leg to stand on. Do not be so foolish to give your money to them. They will NOT be the ones to save you. Do NOT put your trust in them or their teachings for their teachings come from hell and lying demons.