Such hypocrisy in the Amercian government! They are the worst bunch of appeasers, cowards, liars, deceivers and traitors I have ever seen in my lifetime!

And if someone disagrees, (YAWN) I could not care less. Move on to another blog.

OmniChristianVids2: sidebar — May 30, 2010 — Israel has announced that they will not comply with an Arab-led U.N. resolution asking them to come clean about the full details of their nuclear program. Interestingly, the resolution makes no mention of Iran’s nuclear program – a program that is moving forward in violation of the U.N.’s own resolutions against it.

Not surprisingly, the Obama Administration signed off on the resolution allowing Israel to be singled out while the largest single threat to world security (Iran) is allowed to continue planning a second holocaust.

RedeemedHippie:[Behold who the traitors are here! Israel, do not bow to the nations! Stand! America is no longer your friend because of the Jew hating communist in the whitehouse. But know there are millions of our citizens who love you and want to see you survive. And you will!]