I don’t believe that backwards masking stuff in the video about “I shot John Lennon.” Some times you can make that stuff say anything you want and it does not sound like that to me.

The album cover they show at 7:25, was banned in America, I believe. No one can tell me that was not to have some hidden evil meaning and purpose behind it. Bloody butchered baby dolls!

I believe Satan was behind it then and he is behind it now. In a previous post, I had said Paul McCartney was just not all that important in the scheme of things. But who knows? Just becasue one can write songs does not exempt them from having evil agendas.

You decide if you believe the following or not. In light of today’s musicians and what they stand for, nothing surprises me anymore about the music industry. Not even the Beatles. Lucifer OWNS the music industry. Those within it, know it.

ThePopCulturePastor (Sidebar) All of pop culture is the same. With a little looking, it wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see that it all has roots that lead back to hell where it came from. The Beatles have influenced more bands and entertainers than probably anyone. The whole thing was a sham from the start – a social engineering experiment that worked. If this is the best pop culture has to offer – then i rest my case – burn it all! Go for the narrow path!