Last night, I remembered being at a women’s church gathering years ago and the women were talking on motherhood. Honestly? It was an idol to them. I’m not saying that, just because I have no children, I’m saying it because the church has somehow set up motherhood as some kind of idol. (Thank you, James Dobson with your “Focus on the Family” which has made family a type of idol. Rather than focus on Jesus, family has become an idol. But I digress.)

Not that families and raising children are not important. It is very important. I do not belittle that by any means. I cherish family and respect the family unit greatly. But when fellowhip revolves around motherhood alone (apart from Jesus) it is idolatry. And I don’t care how holy it may appear.

One woman had said she told her children being a mother was the most important thing a woman could do. Does anyone know how that would make a single woman or an infertile woman feel? It would make you feel like you are not up to par or as special as the woman with children. That’s the way it made me feel at the time. Not jealous by any means. God knows. Just that I somehow did not measure up in a roomful of mothers.

But, she went on. She said her son corrected her and told her, “No, Mom. Leading people to Jesus is the most important thing.”

I almost broke down in tears at that point because that IS the most important thing any of us called by His Name can do. Sometimes, we get so busy comparing ourselves with one another (we become fools when we do that) that we overlook the very thing that is the most important.

After pondering that event from years ago, for some reason I began to think about the ending of the movie Schindler’s List.  I’ll let you see it before I go on, but I’m almost certain there will be no need for explanation.


Do I really need to explain? When we bow before God, I believe we will say the very words Oscar Schindler did, “I didn’t do enough.”

I speak for myself: though at times, I do not have a clue what God would have me to do with my life, I fall so short of the simple things He would desire. May God help us all to know what His will is for each and every life that passes through this place. He gave so much and even if we were able to give all, it still would never be enough. So, just as Oscar Schindler fell weeping into the arms of his friend finding love and mercy, so will we, in the arms of our Lord on that day when we say, “I didn’t do enough.”