As the oil flows, so our freedom goes with it


Count on our freedoms somehow in one way or another being lost as the oil continues to flow. Wicked and corrupt leaders WILL see to it. Count on it.

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What about turning the other cheek?

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Jesus told us to turn the other cheek. We can see all over the world there are those brother and sisters that are doing so. They are the persecuted, the martyrs. They suffer greatly. They are obeying the words of our Savior.

However, it is for the Gospel’s sake they are being brutalized.

What about those of us who have yet had this come upon us? Do we turn the other cheek each and every time? I don’t think so. When do we begin turning the other cheek?

Let me say again; we turn the other cheek for the Gospel sake. Nothing more and nothing less.

Back in the 80s I was a house parent in a children’s home. One night, an older girl started going from bed to bed hitting the other kids. I thought for sure one of the girls her own size would get up and take care of the problem by knocking her block off. Peer pressure works wonders, but in this case, her peers were terrified of her.

We house parents were taught to “let the kids take care of the problem” if they are able. So, I waited while some of the older girls did hit back, but none of them “took care of the problem.” We house parents were taught NOT to lay our hands on the kids. As that would only antagonize them more. Liberal BS is what it was. I hated that rule. It left us house parents almost useless. Just try talking to someone when they don’t care about a thing you are saying! And they are being destructive and mocking you. Sometimes a good punch in the nose is what they need! I had already been to the social worker about this girl being dangerous, but the home did nothing about it.

The older girl then went to the bed of an eight year old child and started to beat her. That is when I jumped in. Before she could get a blow in, I pounced on her and brought her to the floor. Back then, I was only at about 112 pounds while this “kid” was pushing 160. I didn’t feel bad about having to take down someone bigger than me. She fought me, but I was able to pin her down without hurting her until help arrived.

Oh, did I mention she tried to bite the ear off one of the other girls?! The home sent the punk away the next day much to everyone‘s pleasure.

The moral of this little story: should I have just told all those other girls, “Turn the other cheek”? Maybe, I was suppose to turn the other cheek and let her attack me also? If so, who would have been left to defend the innocent girls form this brat?

So, if you are a Christian and believe in turning the other cheek, that is good. For we are commanded to. But just make sure, that when you do, it is not out of spinelessness or some fake ideology.

We are to resist ALL evil.

Enough said.