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Great little Beatle’s tune with different words which I lifted from the Mad Jewess! She’s got great taste! 😀

Louisville idol bites the dust


A few years ago, my husband and I were looking for a church. We finally found one. A fair size congregation of maybe 200 people — I’m guessing — maybe more. The pastor at the time was an ex-biker. He had built a minstry on Jesus alone. He was not in the health/wealth gospel. He boldly preached the truth, had a prison ministry and was a redeemed hippie. I finally found a place I could call home.

Within a couple of weeks he had to retire due to health problems. The church was left with a young couple; very sweet.  They had a heart for people and still do.

But, people left and began going to this new church called New Vision.  It was being said it had everything you could want. I saw Red flags. The more I heard about it the least impressed I was. I was told I was judgmental. Oh well. It wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last time.

Kind of like the first time I saw Robert tilton on TV back in the 80s. I said something isn’t quite right about him. You’re judgemental.

When Benny Hinn came out with his book, Good Morning Holy Spirit and I said something seemed odd. You’re judgmental.

I could go on and on — but won’t.

Anyway, this idol of a church, this idol of a pastor has bit the dust. It is coming down. Glory be to God.  Glory to God for not putting up with this stuff anymore.

Below is a video that may explain why God allowed this pastor to resign. I hope the whole thing crumbles to the ground. Jesus was not the cornerstone of this ministry.  If it be rebuilt, may it be rebuilt in the image GOD has for it and not pastors who feed the sheep entertainment!

Following article gotten here: My comments in green.

John David Boggs was dismissed as pastor of his high-profile Okolona congregation after nearly six years of leading it amid growth and controversy, according to an announcement Sunday by the governing board of New Vision Ministry Center.

“Based on information brought to the attention of the New Vision Ministry Center board of directors, and provided by the laws of the Church of God International, it is with heavy hearts that we have made the decision to dismiss David Boggs as pastor of New Vision Ministry Center, effective June 11,” board member Bob Brown said.

The rest of the board stood behind Brown as he made the announcement before several hundred people gathered for worship at the Outer Loop church.

The directors did not say why they were removing Boggs, and dozens of people walked out, some in tears, during and after the announcement. Two were escorted out by security guards after shouting that Boggs, who was not present, had not been allowed to present his side of the story.

A church that has to have security guards is more than I want to deal with. There are hundreds if not thousands of real little churches all through the world — hardly any of them here in the U.S. — who have no security guards and they are persecuted. But some pastors here in the U.S. either feel so important or are afraid, that they must need body guards.

“This is probably the hardest thing that I have had to do in my entire life,” Brown told the congregation. “… This board loves David and his family, and we are supporting his recovery in any way we can.”

Does not mention what his recovery is. I wonder why.

Attempts to reach Boggs by phone and Internet were unsucessful Sunday, and he did not return a phone message left last week at the church office.
Boggs — who had been a bishop in the Church of God International, a Pentecostal denomination based in Cleveland, Tenn. — had led the Okolona Church of God to dramatic growth, but he and his businesses have also drawn repeated lawsuits, fines and other complaints over roofing operations in storm-damaged states throughout the South and Midwest.

Boggs will be replaced on an interim basis by Don Logan, a longtime preacher in the Church of God denomination who also served as interim before Boggs became pastor.

“David Boggs is a very, very close and dear friend,” Logan told the congregation. He said he came with no “agenda of my own” other than to help the church recover.

“You had a very energetic young man as your pastor,” Logan said. “You’ll now have to tolerate an old … preacher, but I’ll love you, I’ll listen to you, I’ll share with you, I’ll pray with you and shout with you and rejoice with you.”

I hope you will be a truth speaker and not be an ear tickler! I hope you will get rid of the flesh that Boggs brought in with his watered down entertainment driven church!

He added, “Don’t we serve a good God?” as much of the congregation applauded.

“Whatever you do, don’t lose your relationship or your experience of deliverance from your God,” he said.

Logan declined to comment further when reached after the service.
Brown said the board would answer more questions at a members-only meeting Wednesday.

Phone calls to the Church of God’s national and Kentucky headquarters — made last week to ask about then-unconfirmed reports about New Vision — were not returned.

Boggs, 35, who is married with three children, became pastor in 2004. The church began to grow under its new name amid high-energy worship.
He often based his fiery sermons on popular television shows and sports events, tying their themes into Bible passages. He promoted the church with various means — including Internet broadcasts, an elaborate Halloween haunted house and a widespread billboard campaign in 2009, proclaiming New Vision as “a church for people like you” with a particular appeal to people turned off by traditional churches or who felt unwelcome there.

But his actions in the roofing business in numerous storm-damaged regions around the country have drawn lawsuits in several states, including Kentucky, as well as fines and other government actions. Customers and business associates have repeatedly alleged he failed to make good on poorly done repairs and other obligations.Boggs has admitted some mistakes while also blaming others for many of his problems.

Church of God officials have stood by Boggs amid those allegations in past years, saying they believed he had adequately explained and settled any business disputes.

He recently went through U.S. Bankruptcy Court to reorganize $5.7 million in debts, including more than $1 million in state and federal taxes.

In 2009, the church moved two miles west from its Outer Loop location to the former Wal-Mart across from the Jefferson Mall, which it rented and renovated into a worship center.

As of Sunday, six contractors had filed liens totaling $567,971 on the property, owned by Brown Noltemeyer Co., alleging non-payment for renovation work done on behalf of New Vision. A woman who answered the phone at Brown Noltemeyer last week declined to comment on the situation.

At Sunday’s service, a reporter was allowed to remain during the announcement. But while standing in the hallway afterward, he was escorted out by two security guards who did not give a reason and also refused to allow him to speak to anyone inside or outside the building.

BARBRA STREISAND talks to GOLDA MEIR and Sings Hatikvah


Barbara Streisand talked with Golda Meir during the 1978 network broadcast of The Stars Salute Israel at 30 years. Streisand then sings Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem.

Look how things have changed? Now, we have Hollywood — perhaps, Streisand included — who have no love for Israel at all. Israel; America’s friend and the apple of God’s eye. The world will turn against this tiny nation, but God will war against it’s enemies.

Oh how far we have strayed.

Israel, may the God of your Father’s protect you and guide you. Shalom.