This was in 1970! We are there now, people! Those of you who want to call yourselves progresssssives, or moderaaaates, are such hypocrites. You don’t have the beeping courage to come out and say what you are! I don’t care if you are family, a friend from my past or my next door neighbor. You are a coward of the worst kind in not admitting you are a communist! You betray the very country that even gave you the freedom to be an idiot of the worst sort! I got no use for you! Not one bit and I care not who you are. So, peek-a-boo I see you to those too cowardly to say what they really are! Scum bags! Oh, I forgot, I’m suppose to be Christian, right? That does not mean I have to swallow your puke! I resist you with everything in me.

The question was asked: “People who believe they can own natural resources, industries or land, are really candidates for mental institutions. If this isn’t a communist take-over of all private property, what do you call it?”

Jerry Rubin: “I call it a communist take-over of all private property. General motors ain’t gonna exist, united fruit ain’t gonna exist, all the Capitalists ain’t gonna exist. We recognize the right of the people in latin America, Asian Africa. Nationalize and take over all American land. We don’t recognize the right of capitalism. Capitalism is the enemy. We’re gonna create a (unintelligible) society.”

The young people who applause and laugh are the morons running this nation now! THANK you, all you stinking hippies who never grew up and STILL believing that CRAP about some kind of fake utopia. Here is an idea: WHAT if all the stink-o pink-o old has-been hippies moved on an island somewhere, take all the little obama zombies with them and just left the rest of us the heck alone! Now THAT would be heaven on earth!

Imagine a world with no stinking, filthy, maggot infested FAKE peace-nik, old hippies! I can dream, can’t I?!

dwendt66: Jerry Rubin on a 1970 Donahue episode of his new book “Do It” advocates a Communist take over of the USA.