I found the following video over at Mad Jewess. She had this to say:

I believe, after hearing this video, that ALL people of prayer had better get on their knees and PRAY for the Gulf. It is very possible that this could create a WORSE catastrophe even worse from a gas explosion. WE MUST PRAY NOW, there are NO other answers- NONE. We cannot trust these people in power that do not even turn to God. They do NOT have the answers, and the only answer now, is pray for the people all over the gulf. We have sinned against God. We have taken what he has given us, lightly. Please Almighty God, please have mercy.

All I can say is, IF this is true then we ALL need to be praying we be found worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the earth. For surely He comes quickly. If there are those in media who know the truth and not telling it, if there are those who are sensationalizing these things for their own gain, then may God expose them and judge them! May God show us all what the truth is. May we all learn to discern and hear HIS voice at any given minute. 

The host of the radio show is George Noory. He is known as being quite the sensationalist in providing entertainment in the form of truth. Yet, who is to know what the truth is anymore concerning some of these things. The world has turned upside down. Evil is good and good is evil. There are devils in our midst. The world has been and will continue to be under a delusion, for the world does not love the truth of God. We must learn to discern. Myself included.