Just For Laughs – Rat Prank


Sometimes ya just gotta laugh. I nearly wet my britches the first time I saw this!

Gulf Oil Disaster: Planned Event To Cause Mass FEMA Evacuation?!

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We MUST learn to discern. We are being spoonfed what media wants us to believe. We must get rid of any preconceived notions of ANY politicians or/and government being our savior. WE MUST!

I KNOW this is heavy stuff. I get no enjoyment or special kicks in putting this stuff up. I wish I could just close my eyes and ears and pretend everything is going to be hunky dorey. But it is NOT! IT IS NOT! Now is the time we have to seek God’s face.

Regardless whether or not, you believe anything in ths video: The truth is, IF this oil “spill” does not stop flowing, (I have no reason to believe it will) there WILL be mass evacuations as government begins to declare the land not fit for people to live on. The buzz word, the word to listen for is “sustainable.”