I have been hearing bits here and there that there is a media blackout in the gulf. I have not put anything up because I have not been able to prove it one way or the other. However today, on the radio, I finally heard someone (Mike Savage) mention it. So I am posting this and let it be up to the readers to decide.

It was said on the radio, no flyovers in the gulf — no helicpoters or planes — are allowed. The reason behind this is that they do not want the public to know the truth about this catastrophe.

It will either get better or worse. If better, then life will go on for millions as it always has been. If for worse, then… connect the dots and come up with your own conclusions.

I would just ask what is it for government to fear in letting the American public know the truth???

celtickev999: June 12, 2010
BP Blocking Media Access? Great interview from New Orleans TV station wdsu tv.

BP blocking blocks media access new Orleans oil spill gulf of mexico blackout