Sharia Law: The Treatment of Women


And to think that liberals want this in America? “But no, we don’t want that,” some will say. Yes, you do, when you do not have the courage to come out against it! Instead you make excuses and demand that these people be treated fairly in wanting their own law in this land. Hypocrites! None of you would EVER want your own daughter or yourself to live under such atrocities, yet you say, “peace, peace” when there is no peace.

Truly, the feminists are the biggest bunch of hypocrites and fraud that ever existed. You speak for the “rights of women’ but close your eyes to this. HYPOCRITES!

Just think how important your movement was. As you were burning your bras and hating men for opening the door for you, thousands of women were being treated like animals. It’s enough to make any real women ashamed to be of your sex!

Following gotten here:

On any day up to 3,000 slave girls are for sale on Karachi’s streets.

Thousands of women are imprisoned for adultery and even locked up for having been raped. In a bare prison cell, a veiled teenage girl huddles against the wall. Ruqaiya Khan is in prison because she wants independence from her family, and in Pakistan Islamic law says that a woman’s place is in the home. Stark faces peer from behind the bars of a Karachi insane asylum, housing 1200 women. Abuse and over-work cause women to die on average younger than men. We speak to lawyers who fight the cases of women trapped by Pakistan’s harsh Islamic laws. On any day up to 3,000 slave girls are for sale on Karachi’s streets. We speak to a 14 year old who was sold. A community leader says that even the government is involved in a protected and flourishing slave trade. Pakistani prostitutes dance for our camera. The brothels are legal. In Pakistan men have made a society designed only for their comfort.

Proof that liberalism is a mental disorder!

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What can you expect? It’s California with all the loonie tune liberals who put their trust in government. Following article gotten here:,0,2495137.story

Almost 5 million California adults say they could use help with a mental or emotional problem, according to a survey released Wednesday by researchers at UCLA. About 1 million of them meet the criteria for “serious psychological distress.”

However, only one in three people who perceive a need for mental health services or are in serious distress have seen a professional for treatment, the survey found.

The survey was conducted among more than 44,000 adults as part of the 2005 California Health Interview Survey, administered through the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. Since the survey was conducted, the recession probably has contributed to worsening mental health for even more people, said the lead author of the study, David Grant.

If anybody cares, they can go to the above link. I really don’t care at this point if the whole state goes bonkers. With the exception of any brothers and sisters out there. God be with those in the midst of such insanity from the wackos.

Jesus Was A Terrible Leader, by Today’s New Leadership Standards


By today’s new ‘Church Leadership’ standards Jesus was a clueless leader who obviously wasn’t in tune with the ‘worship experience’ needs of His time and culture. Fact is, when you read the New Testament biographies you don’t read about Jesus discussing the latest leadership philosophies, church branding strategies, church marketing practices or the latest ideas for designing and creating holistic audio visual environments to help create the perfect mood for people to have an engaging worship experience.

Instead, when you read the New Testament you discover that Jesus often taught outside and Jesus’ teaching events were far from seeker-sensitive. When you compare Jesus’ leadership practices to the new and improved leadership principles of Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, Leadership Network and others you’d have to conclude that Jesus was a complete failure as a leader and was in the dark when it came to meeting the felt needs of His target market.

A prime example of Jesus’ utter cluelessness is found in the Gospel of Mark chapter 8. In the opening verses of that chapter we learn that Jesus held, for lack of a better term, a three day long “outdoor church conference” where He was the featured speaker. Here’s what Mark records about the event.

“In those days, when again a great crowd had gathered, and they had nothing to eat, he called his disciples to him and said to them, “I have compassion on the crowd, because they have been with me now three days and have nothing to eat. And if I send them away hungry to their homes, they will faint on the way. And some of them have come from far away.” (Mark 8:1–3)
Yes, you read that correctly! Those who attended Jesus’ three day long ‘outdoor church conference’ were outside, exposed to the sun, the wind and the elements. Oh and there was no food provided until the END of the event. What was Jesus thinking?!

Can you imagine the comments that Jesus and His disciples received in the customer satisfaction response surveys after the event? I’m sure they got responses like the ones listed below.

Question: Were you satisfied with the location for this conference?
Answer: Are you kidding me?! The Judean countryside is no place to hold a three day long church conference. Not only did I get a sunburn and a windburn, but the stench from 5,000 sweaty men being baked alive for three days totally ruined my ‘worship experience’.

Question: What did you think of Jesus’ teaching?
Answer: First of all it’s difficult to listen to a man drone on and on and on for THREE DAYS without anything in your stomach. Why didn’t Jesus just keep His teaching down to 30 to 45 minutes? Seriously, how does Jesus expect us to remember all of that stuff? Laptops, the internet and Twitter haven’t even been invented yet and most of us are poor uneducated people and don’t have the resources to even take notes. It would have been way better if Jesus had passed around some handouts with fill in the blank sentences so that we could at least have some way of applying His relevant points to our lives and experience some ‘life change’. This was no way to motivate people to become world changers.

Question: What did you think of the food?
Answer: We were baking and starving in the sun for three days before the the first and only meal was served. Jesus waited until we were all ready to pass out from hunger and exposure before He decided to throw us a bone and miraculously divide up some bread and some fishes. Why did Jesus wait until the end of the conference to feed us? Why didn’t Jesus do that neat little miracle two or three times a day during the conference so that we didn’t have to listen to him on an empty stomach?

Question: What were your overall impressions of the conference and what would you like to see done differently at our future conferences?
Answer: Aside from the fact that I was hot, got sunburned, windburned, had to endure the smell of 5,000 sweaty Judean peasants while listening to a Bible teacher drone on for THREE DAYS without the ability to take notes or follow along on Powerpoint, with no porta potties and no food in an environment that is nearly impossible to have a descent worship experience…I thought the conference was a raging success (that was sarcasm). I’d rather be boiled in oil by the Romans than attend another outdoor teaching conference hosted by Jesus.

By the way today’s Church Leadership Gurus talk you’d think that the New Testament was just brimming with Leadership wisdom ready to be picked and applied by today’s innovative visionary leaders. Yet, when I read the Gospel accounts, the leadership that Jesus modeled doesn’t even remotely look like the ‘new leadership’ that today’s gurus are selling. The reason for these differences is that Jesus’ Leadership Model NEVER had anything to do with customer satisfaction or positive customer experiences.

I know that I am running the risk of being branded as a “Leadership Heretic” but I think that there was obviously something FAR MORE IMPORTANT happening at Jesus’ three day long ‘outdoor church conference’ than religious consumers having their felt needs met or customers having a ‘life changing experience’. The key to understanding what that “more important thing” was can be found in Matthew 4:4 which states:

“‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’””

Amazing Video of a Song Composed Entirely of 37 Cello Parts

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Not only amazing but beautiful!


This is a pretty amazing video of Ethan Winer playing 37 separate cello parts to create one song. He even plays the percussion parts on his cello. It was recorded on 23 tracks using 37 plug-in effects. He spent hundreds of hours on this project so its worth a listen.

Just a few reasons decent Americans are angry

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One man’s opinion found here:;read=179280

WE spend a lot of time focusing on what ‘they’ are doing to US…

They are destroying my country incrementally, bit by bit, one piece at a time.

They pick numbers out of thin air – enter that number into a computer – refer to that number as ‘money’ – hand out the valueless garbage to their fellow despots – and then dump the fraudulent ‘debt’ they created on you, and tell you it is your responsibility to ‘repay’ the debt by taxing everything that exists.

They are destroying the private sector economy, while pretending to save it.

They are destroying the middle class in America.

They are destroying the environment, while pretending to defend it.

They are intentionally dumping poison chemicals into the air WE breath, the water WE drink, and the food WE eat.

They are promoting junk science as legitimate research – and basing political policy on the fraud of junk science.

They are forcing the pharmaceutical drugging of American society.

They want all of of our children to be little homosexuals who grow up into adult homosexuals.

They sacrifice our young on foreign soils, for the sake of corporate despotism and the international drug trade.

They act nationally and internationally as ‘the great satan’, and WE pay the price for their actions of ill-repute.

They are destroying your core family.

They are destroying the free will, and the minds of your children.

They are destroying your right to individual liberty.

They are destroying your right to freedom of speech.

They are destroying your right to keep and bear arms.

They are destroying your freedom of choice.

They are destroying sovereignty of your state.

They are aiding criminal elements who cross American borders, and they are promoting the occupation of the USA by foreign nationals.

They are providing cover and support for international drug dealers who bring death and destruction into the USA.

They are racists who are dividing the country and dividing the people by promoting racism by while pretending to oppose it.

They are trying to start a war between the races in the USA.

They are destroying your individual sovereignty.

They are destroying the Constitution of the United States.

They are destroying the Bill Of Rights.

They are destroying the Articles Of Confederation.

They are destroying your city.

They have destroyed your public schools and universities.

They are destroying your county.

They are destroying American society.

They are turning the USA into a communist police state.

They are weak, small-minded control freaks who are not smart enough to allow others to be free.

They lie to your face while campaigning for office, and then stab you in the back with back-room deals behind closed doors.

They want control over everything you think, everything you say, everything you do, everywhere you go, everything you eat, what you drive, where you live, who you marry, and how many children you have.

The above examples are the result of good men doing nothing.

The above examples are repugnant and insulting to decent people anywhere.

The time is long past to sit idle, and allow them to continue.

It is time for US to go on the offensive, and to focus on what WE are willing to do to them.

WE know who THEY are.

As for me – it’s now lock and load – at every turn.


Conman T.B Joshua Exposed


Step right up ladies and gentlemen and see what a FAKE deliverance session looks like. This is the kind of fakery Jim Jones was good at. These theatrics are to make the man of god look good. As if he is all powerful.

Does anyone really believe that Jesus would have went through all this drama? Only if He was a sideshow Jesus, which the church has created one in their image.

If you have any inclination to visit this man’s church, forget about it. Unless you take the time to fill out a form and get their permission. How much more cultic can a thing be?

If you are involved in this kind of thing, flee from it. No doubt a big collection is taken up after showtime is over! Just one of many reasons to leave.

Strange Fire: Conman TB Joshua Exposed “T.B JOSHUA VS BEELZEBUB” Video is faked


Large China oil spill threatens sea life, water

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I can’t but help wonder there is something more going on than what we are being told. Too many oil “spills” lately. Sabotage?

Complete article can be found here:

BEIJING – China’s largest reported oil spill emptied beaches along the Yellow Sea as its size doubled Wednesday, while cleanup efforts included straw mats and frazzled workers with little more than rubber gloves.

An official warned the spill posed a “severe threat” to sea life and water quality as China’s latest environmental crisis spread off the shores of Dalian, once named China’s most livable city.

One cleanup worker has drowned, his body coated in crude.

“The oil spill will pose a severe threat to marine animals, and water quality, and the sea birds,” Huang Yong, deputy bureau chief for the city’s Maritime Safety Administration, told Dragon TV.

At least one person died during cleanup efforts. A 25-year-old firefighter, Zhang Liang, drowned Tuesday when a wave threw him from a vessel, Xinhua reported.

Officials, oil company workers and volunteers were turning out by the hundreds to clean blackened beaches.

“We don’t have proper oil cleanup materials, so our workers are wearing rubber gloves and using chopsticks,” an official with the Jinshitan Golden Beach Administration Committee told the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper, in apparent exasperation.

“This kind of inefficiency means the oil will keep coming to shore. … This stretch of oil is really difficult to clean up in the short term.”

But 40 oil-skimming boats and about 800 fishing boats were also deployed to clean up the spill, and Xinhua said more than 15 kilometers (9 miles) of oil barriers had been set up to keep the slick from spreading.

China Central Television earlier reported an estimate of 1,500 tons of oil has spilled. That would amount roughly to 400,000 gallons (1,500,000 liters) — as compared with 94 million to 184 million gallons in the BP oil spill off the U.S. coast.

China’s State Oceanic Administration released the latest size of the contaminated area in a statement Tuesday.

The cause of the explosion that started the spill was still not clear. The pipeline is owned by China National Petroleum Corp., Asia’s biggest oil and gas producer by volume.

Friday’s images of 100-foot-high (30-meter-high) flames at China’s second largest port for crude oil imports drew the immediate attention of President Hu Jintao and other top leaders. Now the challenge is cleaning up the greasy plume.

“Our priority is to collect the spilled oil within five days to reduce the possibility of contaminating international waters,” Dalian’s vice mayor, Dai Yulin, told Xinhua on Tuesday.

But an official with the State Oceanic Administration has warned the spill will be difficult to clean up even in twice that amount of time.

Some locals said the area’s economy was already hurting.

“Let’s wait and see how well they deal with the oil until Sept. 1, if the oil can’t be cleaned up by then, the seafood products will all be ruined,” an unnamed fisherman told Dragon TV. “No one will buy them in the market because of the smell of the oil.”

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