“Kundalini is a false Holy Spirit. It produces even miracles and healings… it’s the Hindu version of the Holy Spirit.”

He asks, “How on earth are we suppose to turn around such an invasion?”

I would say by EXPOSING IT and proclaiming the truth.

JohnTheBaptistTV | June 26, 2010
Mini-documentary from an “Insider” in the Charismatic scene showing clips of the most shocking invasion of false spirits in church history. This is a must-see. Please share it with your friends and warn others to watch it.

Key names that supported this “invasion”- Todd Bentley, John Arnott, Randy Clark, Rodney Howard Browne, Bob Jones, Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson, Toronto Blessing, Brownsville revival, TACF, IHOP, Patricia King, Sid Roth, God TV, Joshua Mills, Peter Wagner, NAR, Kenneth Copeland, and many more.

Key names who stood against it: David Wilkerson, Art Katz, Derek Prince, John Wimber, Lee Grady, Clifford Hill, Andrew Strom.