In this video we have Lucy Rael with glitter on her hand that is suppose to be gold. Yeah right. You can see her scrap it with her fingernail. So what? I can do that much with glitter and a bottle of Elmo’s glue! Here’s a challenge for you fakers — take the “gold” and get it analyzed, then come back and try to sell it and see what you get for it! I DARE YOU to do it!

Not to say how much the worship music stunk to high heaven. I’m sure God was enjoying that too, along with the fakery!

If someone can not see the obvious fakery in this, it is because they WANT to stay blind, deaf and dumb. Somewhere there is a payoff and you need to ask yourself WHAT and WHY.

“I’m gonna walk down the aisle.”

She has made herself important at this point. Who would dare challenge her or question her? 

“His glory is here. His blessing of prosperity is here.”

No, God’s glory is nowhere near. The only thing near, are spirits of trickery and witchcraft.

“The gold represents the diety of God. It represents the prosperity of God.”

No, it represents what it is: Elmer’s glue and glitter equaling fakery! How many people there went after this god for the glitter, for the gold on this woman? How many?!

“Pastor, the angel of prosperity is in this place. I see the angel of prosperity walking…many times, I’ve seen this angel of prosperity.”

We’ve heard this form Tod Bentley and a slew of other lairs and deceivers.

She drops the glitter out of her hand. “I’m gonna put that right there.”  (Because her hand was no doubt sweaty and sticky from the glue by now!) Someone should have ran up to it right then and there, picked it up and ran with it and took it to a jewelers and exposed her lying deceitful mouth!

You can hear screaming at a distance. Sorry, I find this kind of thing not only disturbing, but demonic. I do NOT think it is the Holy Spirit!