Just what we all need and want: a prayer cloth from Josh Mills guaranteed instant results for all that ails us. Why his feet are soooo holy, he sweats “oil,” don’t ya know? Who wouldn’t want a piece of that. Only thing is, it will cost ya some buckeroos. WHO and what kind of people keep believing this stuff???

I found the following over at:

http://slaughteringthesheep.wordpress.com/2010/07/07/get-a-prayer-cloth-soaked-with-oil-from-joshua-mills-feet/#comment-6842 she did a great job exposing this fake.

Get a Prayer Cloth Soaked with Oil from Joshua Mills’ Feet

Joshua Mills doesn’t make it hard to expose him.  Let’s face it, he goes from ridiculous to absurd.  Keeping that in mind…I’m not sure what to call this.  Remember when he said he ate gold leaves from the tree of life?  Remember his tall tale about the fish that was wearing sunglasses?  Remember the time his wife said that when she gave birth to their son, he was covered in gold dust?  Well, this probably beats those.

If you’ll visit this link, you will be able to get a “Glory Impartation Cloth” which is soaked with oil that flowed —————-  from Joshua Mills’ FEET! 

I promise I’m not making this up.  Go look.  I mean it!  Please, go look!

Mills says that while he was preaching, oil began to flow from his hands and feet.  So much of it began to flow that they began capturing it on a cloth.  They cut that cloth in strips, and because it contains the oil from his feet, it is uber-anointed!  And guess what???  He wants to send one to YOU so that “new miracles can begin to happen in your life!”

Here’s a picture of the supposed oil that is flowing from Mills’ feet:

Here is what Mills says on his website:

Just last week the supernatural fragrant oil began to flow from my feet in abundance as we began to worship the Lord.  It began coming with the fragrance of roses – this smell is symbolic for the fragrance of Christ, He is the Rose of Sharon.  We placed cloth material under my feet so that the oil and fragrance would flow into the fabric.  We have gathered the oil in this way so that it can be used as a point of contact, just like the fabric that was taken from the Apostle Paul in order that extraordinary miracles would begin to be released! 

If you get one of these cloths, here’s what Mills claims you can expect:

  • Your Family To Be Saved!
  • Your Finances To Flourish!
  • Your Body To Be Healed!
  • Your Addictions To Be Broken!

And all of that from his feet!  If you get one of these cloths, Mills says there is a supernatural transferal of anointing that accompanies these cloths.  He says:

I want to send you one of these glory cloths that has been saturated with this supernatural oil that flows from heaven!  I believe that there is a supernatural transferance of anointing that will happen as you receive this special cloth for your needs.  I also want to give you an opportunity to sow into this realm of God’s manifest glory.  (emphasis theirs)


Oil that flows from heaven by way of Joshua Mills’ feet?  Not remotely!

Mills goes on to say:

For every generous financial seed of any amount that is sown into the glory this month, we will be sending you a free “glory cloth” that has been saturated with the supernatural fragrant oil that has flowed miraculously during times of worship. We will also be sending you “31 Promises For A Month Of Blessing” – you can read, declare and prophesy these promises over your life and begin to see them come to pass.

Ah…and there it is.  The bottom line.  Isn’t there always a bottom line?  To get the “glory cloth” that is SOAKED WITH OIL FROM HIS FEET, Mills says you have to sow a GENEROUS financial seed of ANY amount …………………………………..and then you’ll get the cloth for free.

*blank stare*              *crickets chirping* 

There’s something wrong with that proposition.  There’s something wrong with this whole scheme.

Folks, Joshua Mills is not only a heretic, he’s a huckster of the highest rank.  A snake oil salesman who will sell “heavenly oil” from his own feet in order to make a buck!  Don’t be taken in by him.