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Once again Crystal, the author was able to expound on this fake Cindy Jacobs. I’m glad she was able to do it, as I just can not stomach this woman and her followers. What amazes me is how many people actually take Cindy Jacobs seriously!

Thanks, Crystal for your work on this!

This is what the author had to say: Cindy Jacobs: Tall Tales and Yarns

In this video, Cindy Jacobs discusses how “Lonnie,” Jacobs’ head of accounting, had a dream where she saw four vortexes of demons destroy Generals International (GI).  In the dream, everything was destroyed except for the media arm of GI.  At that time, Jacobs claims GI was having such financial difficulty, they thought they were going to have to shut down.  To hear her tell it, they were doing everything they could to raise funds, but weren’t getting anywhere.  Thanks to Lonnie and her dream, it was revealed that four vortexes of demons were causing it.

The next night, Jacobs said that Lonnie was visited by Gabriel himself, and Gabriel warned her that Jacobs was in danger.  Lonnie asked Gabriel, “Why are we having so much trouble at Generals International?”  Gabriel supposedly responded that it was because four vortexes of demons were assigned to hold back resources that GI needed to stay in operation.

Notice anything here?  Jacobs’ friend can’t just have an encounter with any old angel, it has to be Gabriel!  See, here’s how it works.  A false teacher comes up with a fantastic story that will promote their self-worth in the eyes of their followers.  Once the story is concocted, they have to spin it so that it shows just how important they are.  That’s where Gabriel enters the picture.  You can’t get any more impressive than a visit from Gabriel, can you?  And what is Gabriel saying?  He’s saying Jacobs is being destroyed because demonic hordes are coming against her and preventing her ministry’s resources from getting through.  There it is…the bottom line every time.  If you’ll read between the lines, you’ll see it’s all an elaborate ploy to get money.  Did you think it was anything else?

See for yourself…

“You have to know Lonnie, she’s an accountant.” What a crock and what manipulation. Like an accountant wouldn’t dare lie or is too straight laced to experience the occult? This says lie, lie, lie all the way through it. If you are a follower of this woman, you need to run from her as fast as possible. I don’t mean to sound unkind, but only a stupid spirit would follow this junk.