These types of cops need to be hung by their feet and tazed. Sorry, but that’s the way I feel about police brutality. Whatever gives these NWO pigs the right to treat decent citizens like cattle?! What is wrong with them?! They have absolutely no respect for people. They get none of mine, when they act like this. I give respect where it is due and these types of cop only get my disdain — not my respect. To respect this is to respect evil.

The other cop just stands by and lets it happen! What men they are! What brave tough men they are! Take away their tazers and they would run like little girls from any real danger!

What gets me is AFTER they taze someone they start ordering “get in the car!” as if one could actually get up and do anything after being electrocuted!

I hope these cops will NEVER so much as get a job as nightwatch man for a dog pound! Put them in jail and let them stay there among those who could teach them a lesson or two.

Just one more reason for America to cling to their Bibles and guns!

Tuesday, Jul 13th, 2010

Two Georgia cops have lost their jobs after a video emerged of them macing and tasing a 57 year old woman who simply called to report a prowler outside her house.

Janice Wells of Richland says she feared someone was lurking outside her home on April 26 so she called the police.

What happened next was caught on the dashboard camera of the one of the police cars that arrived on the scene.

The video shows Ryan Smith of the Lumpkin Police Department and Tim Murphy of Richland Police Department attempting to force Wells into a cruiser by spraying her with mace and repeatedly shocking her with a stun gun.

As Wells screams “Don’t do that! Don’t do that!” the zapping noise of the taser can be heard over and over as one of the cops yells in a robotic fashion “get in the car, get in the car, get in the car”.

As Wells sobs and splutters “I didn’t do nuthin’” the cop shouts “you gonna get it again, you gonna get it again” before blasting her with another round of 50 thousand volts.

Eventually a neighbour emerges to calm the situation and a petrified Wells is finally placed in the squad car.

Watch the video:

Officer Smith has resigned and officer Murphy was fired. Wells is taking legal action.

This is yet another example of how Tasers are nothing more than 21st century cattle prods for roid-head coward cops who are trained that the American people are their enemy.

The Taser is not a tool of law enforcement, it is a torture device employed to make the scum public follow orders given by their jackbooted masters.

Police have become so accustomed to employing tasers during routine calls that they now use them on people asking for their help and even on bed ridden grandmas and elderly women who pose no threat whatsoever.