If I ever hear “God bless America” again, I will vomit. The truth is, we have become a damned nation. Anything that remotely looks like a blessing is the mercy of God — not a blessing. 

How can I or anyone called by the name of Jesus, ask God to bless America? This is a sincere question and I ask it to all those who call themselves Christian. How can you?

Has He not blessed this nation over and over, decade after decade, for well over two centuries? Have we not been the most free nation on earth? Have we not been the most blessed of peoples? Have we not had the finest of luxeries? And we DARE to sing and cry out “God bless America.” The thought of it anymore sickens me.

Before I loose half, if not all the readers, let me explain. Then if you feel you need to move on, then so be it. But, I will not back down or compromise on this.

It was a few years ago when it first began to bug me to hear the song “God Bless America.” I began to think to myself, American has been blessed. Yet, she cries out for more? When does America begin blessing God? Shouldn’t we be singing America, bless God?

There was a time when it meant something to sing that song. There was a time when Kate Smith and her wonderful voice belting out the old song would send shivers down my spine. But those days are over, my friends. They are over.   

What does God get in return for His blessings on this nation? Rebellion. Ungodliness. Idolatry. Men and women cursing the very existence of Him. A generation that could care less about Him as they go out and tatto their bodies like heathens from some aztec civilization. Not only the young, but a revivalist (Tod Bentley) who LIES and says God told him to do it! The majority within the church either believes him or closes a blind eye to it! And we think God is going to just wink at this stuff and continue to bless America?! I think not!

When I heard the other day that tax dollars WILL be funding abortion, I wept for the greater part of a day and a half. I wept with tears of sorrow that babies would be MURDERED more frequently because an ungodly nation chose an ungodly man to rule over them! I wept with rage that a government would FORCE their citizens to fund human sacrifice! I wept for the many babies that would continue to brutally die all because women everywhere think they have the right to be whores by having sex with anyone they darn well choose! If that offends anyone, I will not apologise. It is what it is: If you have sex outside of marriage you are either one of two things; a slut who gives it away or a whore who is getting paid for it in some way or the other. GOD FORBIDS this behavior! The one who pays the price for such promiscuity is a baby! If you can not see that, then your conscience has become so seared that you very well may be on your way to hell.  

God bless America? NEVER! Never again will I speak those words and if I even hear it remotely through the radio, TV or any church I will get up and walk out of the joint! The thought of going to a tea party protest and hearing it, sickens me! Do the patriots and church people of this nation actually think that God will continue to bless this nation?! If so, you are fools. Fools indeed, because you do not see the judgement and wrath coming to this nation.

When a nation offers up human sacrifice, you can expect God to damn it! We are damned. We are a damned nation and people. No longer are we the light on the hill. Were we ever? Truly, were we ever?

You abortionists, if you do not turn from your murderous ways, you will burn in hell. It matters not to me whether you believe in God or not. It does not matter if you find yourself an outstanding citizen or if you are applauded as such. You are a murderer. God WILL judge you for it.

Those of you who stand behind this human sacrifice will also stand before God and answer for it.

God bless America? Never again will I ask for His blessings on this ungodly wicked nation led by ungodly wicked leaders. Instead I cry out, “Mercy, Oh God. Have mercy!”

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

–Proverbs 14:34 —