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WE spend a lot of time focusing on what ‘they’ are doing to US…

They are destroying my country incrementally, bit by bit, one piece at a time.

They pick numbers out of thin air – enter that number into a computer – refer to that number as ‘money’ – hand out the valueless garbage to their fellow despots – and then dump the fraudulent ‘debt’ they created on you, and tell you it is your responsibility to ‘repay’ the debt by taxing everything that exists.

They are destroying the private sector economy, while pretending to save it.

They are destroying the middle class in America.

They are destroying the environment, while pretending to defend it.

They are intentionally dumping poison chemicals into the air WE breath, the water WE drink, and the food WE eat.

They are promoting junk science as legitimate research – and basing political policy on the fraud of junk science.

They are forcing the pharmaceutical drugging of American society.

They want all of of our children to be little homosexuals who grow up into adult homosexuals.

They sacrifice our young on foreign soils, for the sake of corporate despotism and the international drug trade.

They act nationally and internationally as ‘the great satan’, and WE pay the price for their actions of ill-repute.

They are destroying your core family.

They are destroying the free will, and the minds of your children.

They are destroying your right to individual liberty.

They are destroying your right to freedom of speech.

They are destroying your right to keep and bear arms.

They are destroying your freedom of choice.

They are destroying sovereignty of your state.

They are aiding criminal elements who cross American borders, and they are promoting the occupation of the USA by foreign nationals.

They are providing cover and support for international drug dealers who bring death and destruction into the USA.

They are racists who are dividing the country and dividing the people by promoting racism by while pretending to oppose it.

They are trying to start a war between the races in the USA.

They are destroying your individual sovereignty.

They are destroying the Constitution of the United States.

They are destroying the Bill Of Rights.

They are destroying the Articles Of Confederation.

They are destroying your city.

They have destroyed your public schools and universities.

They are destroying your county.

They are destroying American society.

They are turning the USA into a communist police state.

They are weak, small-minded control freaks who are not smart enough to allow others to be free.

They lie to your face while campaigning for office, and then stab you in the back with back-room deals behind closed doors.

They want control over everything you think, everything you say, everything you do, everywhere you go, everything you eat, what you drive, where you live, who you marry, and how many children you have.

The above examples are the result of good men doing nothing.

The above examples are repugnant and insulting to decent people anywhere.

The time is long past to sit idle, and allow them to continue.

It is time for US to go on the offensive, and to focus on what WE are willing to do to them.

WE know who THEY are.

As for me – it’s now lock and load – at every turn.