My friend, Mad Jewesss wrote a great little piece on Marx.

Communism: The Marxist-Leninist version of Communist doctrine that advocates the overthrow of capitalism by the revolution of the proletariat. No religion or God.
Karl Marx had one end in mind: REVENGE. “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above,”

Some excerpts by: Mst. Sgt. Amos River…There was another like Marx or Fredrick Engels, if you will; Satan. The Atheism of Communism, along with Materialism, the teachings on human nature, and the belief in the dominance of the proletariat forces are all pretenses to achieve the real end of vengeance against God. Karl Marx did not care about the masses. He did not desire equity for the downtrodden. He purposefully designed Communism as the means to destroy God’s creation: By helping to viciously destroy life, Marx thought he could spite the One who creates life.

Marx’s own hateful words scream at us all:

“With disdain

I will throw my gauntlet

Full in the face of the world,

And see the collapse

of this pygmy giant

Whose fall will not stifle my ardour.

Then will I wander

godlike and victorious

Through the ruins of the world

And, giving my words

an active force,

I will feel equal to the Creator.”

What, then, does it mean for one to embrace or passively condone Communism? It means one has embraced the satanic and that which is meant for the ruination of the world.

The beginning and ending of Marx’s Communism was designed to mock God, dethrone Him, destroy the world, and in the place of all that is good, even all that exists, erect a throne for Satan through a new and bitter god, Satan’s puppet–Marx himself.

A portrait of Satan and his personality are given by Ezekiel. 28:11-19 & Isa. 14:12-17 from the Christian Bible. THE FIVE “I WILL’S” OF SATAN – FROM ISAIAH. 14:12-17 ”I will ascend into heaven”, a reference to the throne room of God. Satan wanted to take over God’s place.

”I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.” Satan wanted to rule angels.

Christian people, you have me and mine on your side. I want to point out to you, that there are close to 1 million churches in America. I also want you to know that most of the graves in America have crosses on them. WHY? Because America is a Christian nation. You need to fight ‘satan’ now. They are not liberals, progressives, Commies, etc. They are satans kids. Nuf Sed. My buddy, The RightWing Warriors says that Satans kids, the liberals HATE Crosses, so wear one, wear a patriotic one, JUST DO IT. It is not hurting anyone. And if you know your OWN beliefs, it should not bother you.

I agree with my friend Mad Jewess that satan has his own children just as God has His. I too, believe that liberalism/communism is the offspring of Satan. It enables it’s people on government, making government god, causing you to bow to it in order to have your needs met.

Let the above words be a lesson to those who think they are following God by following communism/liberalism. 

I disagree with her on one thing: wearing a cross around your neck for the purpose to show the world you are a Christian. The heathen does that much. Madonna and other blasphemers think nothing of wearing a cross. So Liberals can like the cross for whatever reasons they have, whether it be one of mocking or believing it makes them look spiritual.

For myself, I do not wear them. Why? Because if Jesus had been killed by a gun weould I wear a little gold gun around my neck? No. What if a guilltoine had been the instrument of death? No, I would not, wear that, either. I would not wear an instrument of death around my neck. 

However, I do not fault those who do. Other than the mockers and wicked.