Benny Hinn begging for money from his followers. You must ask yourselves, if the prosperity Gospel “works” so well and is true, then why do these pulpit pimps not send YOU money?

Come on, people, wake up. Come out of your slumber and stop following false teachers and fleecers of the flock of God. They are liars, deceivers and fakes out to make a buck off of you. I’ll say it again: Ask yourself if all they say is true, then why oh why do they not send their money to you?

A lot of hard working people are barely making it and these APOSTATES live high on the hog just like this government does. IT IS THE SAME SPIRIT IN BOTH AND IT IS NOT GOD. It is a spirit based on greed and lust and if you take part of it, you are involved in witchcraft by allowing these people manipulate you.

If you desire to give, then give to a local charity or someone of need WITHOUT expecting to get so much a trinket from one of these apostates.