“Don’t jam up phone lines for twelve dollar seeds.”

Didn’t Jesus say that the widow with her penny gave more than all of them put together? Who is Rod Parsley to say what is important giving or not?

“When a word from God is given, reason is never required.”

This is such manipulation! You better reason and use your brain, or else these thieves get your house payment, car payment, etc. and you be left without nothing. The Word of God says to take care of your own household first. Believe me, these apostates are taking care of theirs — by twisitng scripture to their gain and stealing your money.

For 10,000 dollars, change will come to you!

“God don’t ask for what you don’t have, he only asks for what you want to keep.”

Though this could be construed as truth (in dealing with sin issues), in this case Parsley is using it to manipulate. What if you want to keep your money for that house payment? For that car payment? What about money for food for your family? Parsley’s teaching sounds too much like what our government is right now! Socialism! Communism! Same spirit of man manipulating to steal what is yours.  

“Are you a warrior?…..then go to your phone… and in the name of god’s Christ…”

See the manipulation? Who wouldn’t want to be called a warrior? If you want Parsley to see you as one, then you must give money. My Bible does not teach this. And WHAT is with the ‘ in the name of God’s Christ ‘? Leaves me to ask, who or what is speaking here? Strange that he can not even say the name of Jesus. 

“Three hundred people with 2,008 dollars…eight people with 10,000 dollars right now…if you don’t have it, get as close to it as you can.”

But remember, no jamming the phone lines with twelve dollar seed.

If you just go to your phone and send in that money, God will change everything.


When you give money are you having faith in your seed, or faith in God? It does make a difference, friend.