Years ago, when I went to church, the pastor had the children to minister, laying hands on the adults at the altar. I allowed myself to be over taken by emotion. At the time, I was infertile, not able to have children and I would have let anybody do just about anything to see a baby in our lives. Never mind seeking God — seek those signs and wonders and just hope that someone had that special umph or annointing.

So when the children prayed for me, with the music in the background, I wept and wept. I would like to say we adults were touched by God, but we were not. It was emotion and after all, who would turn down a little child?

To not let a little child lay hands on you, would make you look like you were rebellious, unteachable, proud, would it not? I’m afraid this is what is happening below. Adults — like myself at the time — putting their brains on the back burner, not testing, not discerning — letting this child with the Kundilini power minister.

Odd isn’t it, that at the 2:40 mark, the little boy he lays hands on, does not respond in the wame way the adults do? That should tell us all something. It tells me that the adults gave themselves over to this occult activity or either became emotionally manipulated in seeking the sign and wonder.  

Take away the music that puts the people in a self-induced trance, led by emotions, and you would have nothing.

I doubt I will ever find a church that has not been infected with the occult apostacy. So sad that many of us feel this way.