Fake signs and wonders. Many will still look upon these and still believe these are real. How can you? How can you be so naive? What do you hope to gain by believing a lie?

But, if you still aren’t convinced, here is how you too, can make your very own signs and wonders! Just think how spiritual you will look to those mean ol’ unbelievers! Why, you might even be able to take up an offering!

I can do this sign and wonder! Really, I can. Just a dab of Elmer’s glue and some glitter and there ya have it — a real bonofide sign and wonder! Come on, you really did not think it was the real thing did ya?

This one is too simple. You pour a cup of oil in your Bible and let it drip all over the place.

More glitter is needed for this one too. Say… about 3 or 4 bottles of the stuff. But be sure you don’t get the glue mixed up in this. Could ruin your Bible. But what the heck, all that money you will be making fooling all the people, you can buy another!

Angel's feather

Whaddayaknow?! A real angel feather! Wow! Go to some kind of craft store and you ought to be able to find this thing easy enough. Then just lie and tell everyone it is an angel feather. They’ll believe you, after all, you’ve done fooled them with the gold dust and oil. Why wouldn’t they believe something so stupid as this?  

Pictures were taken from this deceiver: http://www.gl3nnx.com/bible-evidence/pastor-dennis-rojas-church-with-heavenly-gems-jewels-oil-and-gold-dust.htm

Who believes this stuff anyway? Ooops, I got it, silly me, it was an obama supporter! Following stupid comment gotten here:


Anyone who revolt against the government opposed GOD. As Christian any form of rebellion or revolution against the government or its ruler is against the law of GOD.

Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. (Romans 13:2)
An example of indirect rebellion is this latest news. US House of Representative Barney Frank confronts a girl, as the woman pictures Obama as hitler.

Well, I suppose those who opposed getting gassed to death were opposing God? I suppose those who want government to stay out of their buisness is opposing God? I suppose those who believe obama is an idiot AND an anti-christ is opposing God? Why would I NOT resist an anti-christ, you moron? Keep on searching for your gold dust and angel feathers and you will be serving Satan one day. 

Gee, and I was having fun till I found out it was an obama zombie moron site. Why am I not surprised? SIGH.