When I came to the Lord, I handed over all my occult supplies (value a few hundred dollars — a lot of money at the time in 1976) to the people who led me to the Lord. I did this willingly. They were to burn the books, the tarot cards, the ouija board, etc.

Florida Pastor Terry Jones is going to have a day of burning the Koran. What media fails to zone in on, is the fact he was sent copies of the Koran. I find this a too important fact to ignore.

If someone now sent me occult books, or even dozens of the book of Mormon, what to do? I know what I would do. I would send them back saying, “thanks, but no thanks.” If somehow they were sent back to me, then I would destroy them in the privacy of my own home. I wouldn’t make a public spectacle of the ordeal.

The one thing that people do not seem to know right now is Terry Jones is a fake, a fraud, a false prophet. I noticed this crack pot a few months ago. He was setting dates to  the end of the world. He looked like the kind old grandfather. So did Albert Fish in the early 19th century. 

Terry Jones had his youtube account closed down.  The name of the account was jterry316. I almost posted his videos on this blog but he was too much of a weirdo. Who could possibly take him serious? But it looks like I underestimated the old man. It appears he may be trying to start war world three with his provactive book burning spectacle — much like other false prophets, false religions and movements who use acts of violence to bring about their agenda. He is a fake, a fraud, an imposter to the real Gospel. There is more to Terry Jones than we know.

He is following a false jesus. Why should any of us believe his actions are being led by the Holy Spirit? Why would a prophet have his youtube channel closed if he was hearing from God? What is there to hide? Could it be that he would be exposed for the fake he is?

Like Jim Jones and others, he is not worthy of media attention other than to expose him.  

The fact that he calls it the “International Burn a Koran Day” speaks for itself. It appears he wants to lead the whole world in this event. He is also setting himself up to be some kind of martyr. Though he may have the right to burn anything he wants, I question his true motives.  Just because Islam would burn Bibles does not give me the right to burn their books. This is something I have sat on for a few days asking myself  “what would Jesus do? Would He make an open spectacle of burning the Koran?” Unfortunately, for those of us with passions for wanting to see instant justice, the answer is no.

Jesus walked to the beat of a different drummer. He didn’t follow the crowds. As much as my zealous side would like to believe it, I can not see Jesus and His disciples spending time burning books. I can understand wanting to. After all, I know no other religion that wants to chop my head off other than Islam! But what of those potential Muslims who do walk in peace, whose desire is to love their neighbor? Do I offend them just because I have the liberty to do so? No.

Pastor Terry Jones is no true shepherd. He’s willing to risk the lives of those he is entrusted with. He is no better than those who send their children out with bombs strapped upon them!

And what if there is some kind of violent repurcussions because of his actions? It would only continue to prove what we all know to begin with; Islam is a religion of violence. Nobody wins in this.