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The word Occult means hidden. I will attempt to show you piece by piece the hidden meanings in Lady Gaga’s video and the demon that appears. Then you decide if it is evil or not. If I am wrong, then I have lost nothing. But if you are wrong in not believing this is evil, then you are on your way to being deceived in ways that will lead you straight to hell. 

Parents take heed what your children listen to.

The white contraption on the left is an altar of some kind which you will see later in the video.

Lady Gaga pushes a button that starts the show. This is representing her control. But, in reality she is under the control of Satan.

A bright light breaks out as soon as the singing starts. That light represents Lucifer.

The bottle of booze have the word “Lex.” This is a latin word for “law.” It is also a short form of Alexander which means “man’s defender, warrior”.

A room with something that looks like a mix between pods to caskets. On one is a cross with the word “monster.”

Singing the words, “Rah, rah.” Represents calling on the Egyptian god, Rah.

Gaga and others break free from these pods or caskets things representing coming to life. The color white represents purity. But this is far from pure.

“I want your ugly, I want your disease. I want your everything as long as it’s free. I want your love.”

Who is she singing this to? Satan? Or is it Satan’s words to her and all those who hear the song?

Hand signal at 1:13 with a peace sign also known as an inverted cross on wrist. Close up of head profile shows alien like skin representing she is being changed into an entity.

“You know that I want you, you know that I need you. I want you bad, bad.”

At 1:23 she looks like a little wide-eyed kewbie doll. Portraying innocence. But she is far from it with her blashpeming crosses on each breast. She is taken what appears unwillingly by two women.

“I want your love and I want your revenge.” She is being forced into this tub or altar type thing.

At 1:45 after struggling, she has her arms opened in a gesture of help or either surrender. Or possibly as an act of worship. Are those real tears at 1:47? Tears of shame, tears of remourse? Or tears of saying good-bye to the life she once knew?

She is forced to drink. The look at 1:52 — are the tears genuine? It looks as if she is pleading for help. This is the one part in the video that made me have compassion on this ungodly woman. Gone are the wide eyed innocent eyes. In it’s place sorrow and and an expression of hopelessness. She is forced to drink. Once again another pleading look at 1:56.

She spits it out as if she wants no part of it. But… at 2:00 she starts to emerge into a different entity. She is no longer dressed in white which represented innocence and purity. She is being stripped of her outer garment to reveal what is now underneath. Diamonds and glamor. She appears frightened and ashamed at first. She covers herself as she stands in front of a council of men.

The man at 2:05 represents the head of the council.

At 2:07 she is abought to be reborn as an alien.

At 2:09 the woman at the forefront on the right, reaches out, clenching at something in Gaga. I believe it is symbolic of pulling her soul out. After doing so, it is then that Lady Gaga breaks free and begins to dance. Representing freedom.

At 2:34 she begins to crawl/grovel towards the head of the council/man of power.

At 2:43 a catlike demon which is not the real demon as of yet.

The computer scene: Gaga is being hooked up to the music industry. The man has the switch/power to hook her up.

At 3:02 stop the video. What do you see? Is it real or is it fake? What is it? What is it’s purpose? Is it an actual demon coming from Gaga?

At 3:03 Gaga is being showered with diamonds. Representing the riches of this world.

3:22 with the rah rah again with circular hoops around her. 

She goes back and forth from white and black costumes in the next few dance scenes.

At 3:29 she has finally taken her true form after making her pact with Lucifer in the music industry. She is coming forth as an alien/demon.

At 3:42 she says, “I’m afraid, bitch.” My question is, afraid of what and who is she speaking to or who is speaking through her? She has that innocent look again but she is far from innocent.

Now she is a bride dragging a polar bear behind her walking towards the man of power who is waiting for her on a white bed. On either side of the wall behind him are two goat heads –representing Satan. I believe this is symbolic of Gaga wedding herself to this evil. It does not show the actual act, but there is a sexual union between her and another.

Through this union, she has been born into the music industry.

4:12 notice the number 6 on the man’s finger. It looks like a 9 but it is a 6. Not to mention the goat head behind him.

4:12 Gaga stands in front of the goat heads with the bear behind her. 

 She comes forth dressed in red, the color of power and seduction. Lucifer owns her now.

Fire comes into the scene burning the bed on which she sold her soul.

4:41 a perfect description of what has taken place. She belongs to hell. 

The mixture of the words Rah Rah and Gaga in my opinion is symbolic of her joining herself with the sun god. The two have become one.

The ending is a joke. To think that one would receive power enough to destroy the one who gave it to you in the first place is not only ridiculous, but deceptive leading the believer straight to hell.

The world loves it’s own. — Jesus —

But not enough to care if each other is going to hell or not. So the next time you hear this tune and are reminded how much you love Lady Gaga, remember what you have read here. Do you love her enough to care whether she goes to hell or not? Or is it all about having a good time at the expense of someone else’s soul?