You American feminists, where are you, you hypocrites?! You cowardly spineless lilly livered yellow bellies are a disgrace to the word woman! You can’t be found on these issues because you don’t care! That is exactly why! And why is it you do not care? Because most of you are so butch ugly, no man would ever have you, so what is it to you that a real woman would be beaten?! You feminists make me sick!

On to another point: This is a MOCKERY from Satan himself on how to treat women.

But you liberals go right ahead and hold your little peace fests and sing kumbaya or whatever the heck it is you do that makes you feel oh so important and compaaaaasionate. One good thing about this is, it SHOWS WHO AND WHAT YOU ARE! COWARDS! APPEASERS! Your human rights agenda is a total flipping joke!  

OmniChristianVids2: In this clip, translated by Memri, Egyptian Cleric Sa’d Arafat tells the interviewer how beating women actually honors them. He say’s “Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings” and then goes on to list the rules regarding wife beating.